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July 20, 2005

So it took two days instead of one for a new entry.  I lied.  But it’s still better than I usually do.

Lately I’ve just been sitting around the house, since my mom is teaching her exchange student class and my dad is at work.  This also means that I haven’t been able to get a ride to and from the Monday and Friday morning runs down by the river.  I didn’t even bother trying to get a ride the first week; Mr. Gregson said he’d be out of town anyway, so he wouldn’t have to know.  On Sunday, however, I called a few people I thought might be going, but all of them seemed to be busy… I wonder if there are some mornings where Gregson just goes on the run by himself.  Wouldn’t be surprised…  But in any case, I’m not going to feel guilty this early in the season, especially when I’m still running on my own.

I’ve been playing much more piano than usual as I attempt to learn a few of the songs that the Video Game Pianist plays in the Super Mario Video #2.  I told Damon that I was doing that this morning, and he said it was a waste of time!  Can you believe that?  Learning video game music, a waste of time!  Unbelievable.  Oh well, he’ll learn some day…

In video game news, I’ve been playing Ocarina of Time, which I’ve had for some time on my special promotional disc that I got for registering a few of my Gamecube games but never got around to playing much.  Honestly, I don’t really see what all the fuss is about.  I mean, it’s a good game, definitely, but it’s gone down in history as one of the greatest games ever.  I’ve played better, that’s all I’m saying.  Meanwhile, it seems Mike is still thoroughly addicted to Shining Force, as he has taken my advice and gotten an emulator for Shining Force II.  Hehe… soon I will have a cult of Shining Force lovers, and we shall convert more people with frightening speed…

So, without further ado, why don’t I talk about Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.


Wow.  Still can’t believe they actually killed off Dumbledore.  It was leading up to it from the start, what with Dumbledore’s burnt hand and then the sessions in which he taught Harry all he knew and gave him the confidence to fight Voldemort on his own.  What really surprised me was that Snape turned out to be EVIL!  How could Dumbledore’s judgment have been wrong?  I mean, I guess there’s still some possibility that Dumbledore felt his death was necessary and planned to have Snape kill him to win Voldemort’s definite trust and give Harry more drive to accomplish his task.  But that’s quite a stretch.  And Snape made that enraged face at Harry that just reeked of evility.  (civil, civility, so evil… right?)  I told my Canadian friend Idris all about it, even though he won’t get the book for another two weeks.  He’s one of those weird people who don’t care if you spoil the book for them because they can’t wait to find out.

And then Harry and Ginny, and Ron and Hermione.  To tell you the truth, I’ve always thought Harry and Hermione, and I know I’m in the minority there, but Idris agrees with me.  Again, I suppose there’s always that off-chance that they’ll still get together–there is still one more book, and it’s bound to be the longest one yet–but at this point that would just be kind of messed up.  What really bothered me was the way Harry “knew what he had to do” and broke up with Ginny.  Couldn’t he have taken a hint from Spider Man 2?  The red-headed girl DOESN’T CARE if you’ve got the weight of the world on your shoulders!  And it sounds like Ron and Hermione are going to help him anyway–does he just not care as much about the people who have been his friends since he found out he was a wizard?  Freakin’ lame, man.  That’s all I got to say.  Besides, isn’t love supposed to be Harry’s one advantage over Voldemort?



So now I’m reading Frankenstein, which is horribly boring in comparison to the last two awesome books I’ve read.  It reminds me of Charles Dickens’ writing, and I guess that’s because it’s from roughly the same time period.  Can’t put off my summer reading forever, though.

I also went to visit Jason’s house a while back to hang out in his pool, since almost every day has been climbing to well over 100 degrees.  There, I met a friend of his called Jeremiah.  Now Jeremiah was quite an interesting character, not so much in the sense of his personality, which was pretty one-dimensional, but in the sense that he was Jason’s friend.  All this guy thought about was girls.  That was it.  One of the first questions he asked me upon my arrival was, “Do you have any sisters?”  I said I did, and he asked, “How old is she?”  I told him she was 20, and he said, “Ooh, think I could meet her?”  At that point, Jason joined in and said, “She’s taken.”  I could have added, “And she would never, ever go for someone who thinks about dating a girl he’s never even met,” but decided against it.  Curse this terrible habit of trying to get along with everyone!

He also asked me if I knew any girls in the neighborhood or if I knew of any parties in Folsom that he could go to.  When Jason and I had nothing to say to him, he asked if we had ever even been to a party.  “And don’t say a birthday party,” he added.  We both said no.  A while later, he said, “I’m guessing I’m the only non-virgin in this pool right now, huh?”  I gave Jason a sideways glance and said, “Yep, I’m guessing so.  We’re losers.”  Then I smiled.

We went out to Folsom Family Pizza that evening.  Jason was driving the car, Jeremiah’s sister Jessica had shotgun, and Jeremiah and I were in the backseat.  He spent a good part of the ride there looking out the car window at every young, thin girl he saw, occasionally calling to them out the window.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of my sister’s bad experiences in San Diego with Mexican guys constantly hooting at her from car windows every time she took a walk somewhere.  Not trying to be racist, of course, but when a stereotype is reinforced again and again, it’s hard not to draw the connection there.  And Jeremiah was only half-Mexican, just like Jason, who seemed to be somewhat embarrassed by all of this.  When we got there, he flirted with one of the cashiers behind the counter when we got our pizzas, and he was also eyeing a couple of girls at a table across the room, but decided against talking to them because a man who appeared to be the father of one of the girls was also sitting there.

He was the kind of person whose lifestyle I’ve successfully shut myself out of, especially this year, when all of my classes were either advanced or electives that smart people take.  I tend to forget that high school, and from what I’ve heard from my sister, college, is absolutely swarming with these kinds of people.  Jeremiah asked me if I would go to a party if he found one in Folsom, and I was tempted to say yes, just to see what this guy’s life is really like.  I may think I know, but you can never be sure until you experience it for yourself.  If I really want to try to understand people, which I always strive to do, it might mean leaving my comfort zone for a while. 

In fact, I was thinking about writing an article for the newspaper about this upon my return to school.  Seniors get to write more editorials than most others do, and I think it’s a topic that’s important in particular to high schoolers.  We always get so comfortable with our friends that sometimes we miss out on the other 99% of the student body.  Just among my several groups of friends–Damon’s group, Mike McClean’s group, Jason’s group–the differences are incredible.  I think we could all stand to break up the routine a little, even if that just means sitting in a different place from where one would usually sit at lunch.

Speaking of newspaper, I’d like to spend some time discussing my classes last year, and my teachers as well.  That will come in a future entry; right now, I’m off to have some lunch.


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  1. haha, I am also one of those people who don’t care if you spoil the book. thank you for it…i guess? your commentary makes me laugh.

  2. WHAT???  Chris has a xanga and I found it?!?!  Score and a half!  Have fun going to the crack-of-dawn cross country runs that I will not be attending (or if so, against my will).  My fervor has simmered down so I will now continue to actually read your entry and I hope it ruins Harry Potter for all the fans because well I am not one of them.  Yesssss…

  3. Oh, and you definitely have to write an article about last year or an entry, etc, it would very interesting and I am one for nostalgia.  I like your whole Jeremiah experience… it was funny.  And I don’t really expect people’s creepiness scale to lower once I go to college… but wouldn’t it be nice  
    I like your ideas for newspaper and I hope that you are able to pursue them because, well, the newspaper needs some honest, raw journalism.  I’ve thought about that whole comfort zone thing, but I figure that the other 99% of the student body that I try to ignore just isn’t cool enough to associate with me.  Or you.  Or anyone who is gangster enough to still keep a xanga instead of a myspace, which is definitely less than 1% of FHS.
    (At the same time, though, I’d say that I have a pretty decent circle of friends… I’m not sure how many “groups” of friends I have… I just have like one main friend from each group— or well I probably don’t have that many friends, but it makes me feel special to pretend.)

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