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July 25, 2005

Shout-outs to Marge for my first real comment (I’ll explain what that means in just a second), as well as Rachael and David for subsequent ones!  My first comment was actually from some stranger called pinkmonica or something.  She said “hey, cool blog, talk to me on msn” and posted her address.  Curiosity got the better of me once again, and I IMed her.  With nothing more than a greeting, she gave me a link to a web site and said, “you have to be 18 to watch some of these videos, but don’t worry, I can get you in.”  I muttered something and closed the conversation.  Wow.  I had my suspicions, but of course, I always have to give people that stupid “benefit of the doubt” that never seems to pay off for me…  That did not do much for my first impression of Xanga, but fortunately I stayed, and now people I actually know are cool are coming.  All is well.

Yesterday, my mom’s cousin came for a visit.  He was born in Japan and still has a noticeable accent, but he’s lived in the United States for the past 30 years or so.  He had some crazy stories–we found out he was about 50 kilometers away from the Hiroshima explosion.  He heard it and felt the earth shaking and everything.  Pretty cool.

Couldn’t find a ride to running practice again this morning.  Those Nintendo songs are difficult, but I’m improving, slowly but surely.  My summer reading progress has slowed, probably in part because I’m starting to read my government books, which I am ashamed to say I don’t find all that riveting.  Went to see West Side Story at the Music Circus, which was pretty good, except Maria was one of those singers with way too much vibrato, like she’s in an opera.  Went to Karaoke Day on Thursday at my mom’s Japanese exchange student class and impressed them all with my awesome boy band song-singing skills (or, quite possibly, my shamelessness).  Damon’s mom came in while I was singing “Bad” by Michael Jackson (one of my specialties), and the look of disbelief she gave me was priceless.  I guess I don’t come off as much of a performer, do I?  Oh well…

So, belated year-end evaluation of all my classes:

Honors Chem: Not much to say.  The extra grade point was practically free, since I think I had even less homework in it than I did in math.  I don’t think I’ve ever had to work in math more than in another class.  But, to be fair, that’s also because the math is getting more advanced.

English: The infamous Mrs. Hillesland.  I think I probably learned more in that class than in any other last year.  Didn’t like her all that much, but that’s why she was my teacher and not my friend.  Some people really seem to take her WAY too seriously.  Getting all disgruntled over her hypocrisy and her loudness and such, taking everything she said personally.  The way I see it, you have to have something of an extreme personality to be a good teacher, especially in English.  It opens up new avenues of thought.  What bothered me was that she seemed to be discouraging discussion sometimes.  She was always saying how second period was too argumentative, and the other classes were more agreeable… hey, it didn’t stop us, so I’m happy.  The other classes shouldn’t have let it get to them… again, taking it all too seriously.  Workload was reasonable, as AP classes go.

Newspaper: So, I didn’t get to be an editor of any kind.  Hehe… I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.  Ms. Cavanaugh always had to make me redo everything because I would let stuff in that wasn’t “newspaper material.”  Like that time I had to resell 15 inches of ad space for the Valentine’s Day issue.  That just sucked.  And I still stand by the fact that Ms. Cavanaugh never gave clear written guidelines for what can go in.  I thought it was just that nothing inappropriate could go in, but apparently you can’t put anything completely random either.  It’s okay if it’s a little random.  You’ve probably read a few of them yourself and thought, wtf?  So apparently, there’s a fine line between just random enough and too random, and everyone else seems to have no problem with distinguishing between the two… or do they?  After all, a whole bunch of the seniors bought the majority of their own ads.  I have a moral obligation to myself to never stoop to paying my own money for my grade, but on the other hand, can you blame them when the system is so screwed up? 

I really dislike the whole concept of Valentine ads anyway.  Why do you need to display to the whole school how much you love your boyfriend/girlfriend?  Does anybody see a bit of insecurity there?  Tiny font size in a uniform square tucked away into the corner of a page with the same piece of clip art that can be found on twenty other ads on the same page–yep, that’s romantic to me.  Get your Valentine an actual card, for crying out loud!  Or put that ten bucks you would have wasted on a couple inches of space into some flowers or chocolates!

If I had my way, I’d replace the whole Valentine’s Day issue with one humongous opinion page.  Then people would at least be getting their money’s worth by being able to voice their opinions.  Or it should at least be a page where you can say whatever you want, however random that may be.

Yeah, come to think of it, I would have questioned Ms. Cavanaugh’s sanity a little if she had chosen me.  But here’s the thing.  She picked two editors who are going to be juniors next year.  Only one of them is going to go on to become editor in chief.  The other is stuck in a dead-end position for another year.  She could easily have waited another year to make one of them an editor… so she must REALLY have thought I’d make a terrible one.

Well, whatever.  I really like newspaper more for the article writing anyway, that editing position was mostly for SOMETHING to put on my college applications besides good grades and being a sort-of-not-really good cross country and track runner.  Also, it would be a lot of extra work in a year that’s looking to be one of my most difficult yet.  And nobody approaches you in the halls and says, “Hey, great editing job on that news section last issue.”  But all the same, what a blow to the pride!  Oh well, I don’t need to be proud.  I don’t care what anybody thinks about me!  Haha, just joking.  (God, I hate it when people really do say that… stop kidding yourselves…)

French: One of my larger workloads, but made easier by the fact that most assignments are weekly, giving you the chance to do it over the weekend if need be.  Madame Ransom is an excellent teacher, and I just love the AP French community (you know who you are).  I’m very glad I skipped French 3, though.  I simply would not have been able to fit AP French into my schedule this year.

History: Too many lectures from Mr. Hallam, of course, but a fun class all the same.  I will never, ever, no matter how hard I concentrate or beat my skull in, get that “Hey, looky looky bring my booky booky booky on Friday Friday Friday or I’ll die” out of my head.  And there were numerous other memorable “Hallamisms” or whatever you want to call them.  I probably walked away with more of those than actual history knowledge.  History has never really been my area of expertise.

Pre-cal/Trig: And last but certainly not least, Mr. Chayo.  Math teachers are just awesome in general, but this guy really pushed the limits.  You can’t deny the power of a ridiculously lame joke.  I sure hope he’s teaching physics next year, although with two classes of Chayo, is it possible that those lame jokes will actually start to seem… lame?  Naah….

My eyes are starting to glaze over, so I’d better go now.


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  1. “Some people really seem to take her WAY too seriously.  Getting all disgruntled over her hypocrisy and her loudness and such, taking everything she said personally.”
    heh heh.
    “a sort-of-not-really good cross country and track runner”
    yesssssss  ^^^ story of my life, just with other insertable nouns besides “cross country” and “track runner”
    “And nobody approaches you in the halls and says, “Hey, great editing job on that news section last issue.” ”
    seriously.  actually, nobody really cares about anything at our school.  it’s like you’re team, etc knows about your skills but no one else really does…

  2. Haha. I saw my name and then I felt as special as I can possibly be. So, thank you. The part about your mother’s cousin was quite exciting for being near something like Fat Man/Little Boy makes my head ache with happy. I hate cross-country. Is the SFL home course your school again?! Sorry but I loathed that course, for it hurt my feet. Have fun.

  3. So Abe like totally needs to update his xanga.

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