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July 31, 2005

I went to see my friend Adam Shamouel compete in a triathlon in West Sac today.  That would be the first triathlon I’ve ever seen in real life, I believe, which is odd since it involves running.  Anyway, he did reasonably well, but wound up being last in his age division.  There were, however, only five people in that division (19 and under).  So there were still a good deal of other people behind him.

The swimming part was three fourths of a mile long, and the whole course was within sight from where we were watching.  Adam did that part in about 20 minutes and we cheered him on as he took off his wet suit and made the transition into the bike portion.  After he took off, we drove over to the end of that 16-mile course and waited for him to come.  He finished that part in some 45 minutes.  As he was getting his running shoes on, he asked if I wanted to keep him company on the 4-mile running portion.  I was wearing long pants, but it was still about 9:00 and not too hot, so I thought, why not?  That probably wasn’t legal, of course, but I think it was pretty obvious when we ran by the water station that I wasn’t competing, and they didn’t seem to care.  They even let me grab a cup.  It was a lot of fun.  Adam wasn’t a great runner–he was doing about nine-minute miles–but then again, he had just done over an hour of swimming and biking.

His teammate, on the other hand, was very good at all three events.  He took second place in his division, but he was 15, and the guy who won was 19.  He did the running part in 29 minutes, but his dad told us he’s done it before in 24 several times.  But what was really impressive was the old guys.  The guy who won overall was in his forties, and there was even a guy in his seventies competing.  And he did the whole thing in an hour and a half.  I wished my dad was there so I could say to him, “Why aren’t you doing that?”  Heh heh.

Yesterday I saw Crazy For You at the Music Circus.  There were several famous songs in it that I had no idea were in that musical, possibly because I had never heard of the musical at all.  “I Got Rhythm” was one of those songs.  The performances were all very good, but the plot was kind of stupid and cliché.  It was one of those stories where the guy and the girl hate each other’s guts so much that they fall in love.  And the lead actress was kind of ugly.  Hey, don’t look at me, it was my mom who pointed it out first.  Seriously.

I’ll probably have more later today.


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