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August 18, 2005

Hm, I didn’t make an entry the whole week before school started.  Bet you can’t guess why.  Ooh, how about a contest.  First one to guess gets… a whole bunch of e-props on their latest post.  And you all know what a rare and expensive find those are.

The debate between me and Damon will likely still continue, but not with such frequency of replies, and now, rather than making a new entry for each response, it has taken the form of a series of comments on BrussEuro’s xanga.  Go there if you want to check on it.

First day of school was all right.  I like the way my schedule turned out, especially with calculus first period, because I’ve never had math first period before.  Most people would hate that, probably, but Mr. Chayo’s classroom is a nice, relaxed kind of environment to start the day.  Unfortunately, they did not choose Mr. Chayo to teach Honors Physics.  Instead there’s this new guy who is perhaps the most nondescript teacher I’ve ever had, a sharp contrast to Mr. Chayo.  Well, I guess he’s only been here three days; maybe his quirks just need more time to surface.

Film as Literature is looking to be a fun class.  First film of the year: The Fugitive with Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones.  I guess it’s supposed to be representative of the trends of the decade or something like that.  Anyway, I’m not complaining.

Walking into Newspaper for the first time was great.  I came in fairly early and there were about five or six girls already there, so I took a seat and waited.  A few more girls came in.  No sign of any guys.  I joked to Jackie, “Looks like all the guys dropped the class.  It’s gonna be just like last year.”  Then more girls filed into the class, and more, and pretty soon the whole classroom was just about filled, and then the tardy bell rang, and STILL no sign of other guys anywhere.  I asked Ms. Cavanaugh if all the guys really had dropped the class, and as it turned out, there was only one other guy who was still on the roster, and he wasn’t there.  This morning, his name disappeared from the list, and no one knows why he decided not to do it.  But there was another guy who showed up today; I guess he’s new to the school, so he didn’t have to apply.  And it turns out he’s a photographer and wants to make a deal where he can just take pictures and not write any major articles, which is a treat for the majority of us who would much rather write our articles without the stress of photography.  I just don’t understand it, though.  Was there a section in the applications I missed that says joining newspaper is akin to rescinding your masculinity?  Anyway, I’m not complaining.

Yesterday we signed up for what section we wanted to be in, and naturally, only two girls had sports as their first choice.  I said, “Oh, I’ll be in sports, then,” and immediately cursed myself because I wound up in sports last year even though it was my second choice, and now it was happening again.  Argh… Why do I have to always do that stupid thing, what do they call it… “being a nice guy.”  Yeah, I need to stop doing that.  Not that I really hate being in sports, I was just looking forward to doing the news section this semester.  Guess those editorials will have to wait, if the time ever comes for them at all.  And Damon, I’m thinking about doing this year’s debut article on martial arts, so if you know anyone at Kovar’s who didn’t graduate last year that would be great.

It’s fun hearing the juniors talking about their first impressions of Mrs. Hillesland this year.  A lot of them seem to be scared, which I guess is normal.  I still remember my first day in her class last year.  She was going over the list of supplies we’d need, and she kept saying, “Red pen.  Red pen.  Don’t forget it.  Okay?  Red pen,” and I was like, “Wait, what is it we’re supposed to bring?”  I got pretty much no laughs out of that one.  I think Wilson cracked a smile because he knew how much I do variations on that from cross country.  It’s pretty much anytime someone keeps repeating something over and over.  But Wilson tends not to laugh out loud very much.  As for the rest of the class, I don’t know if fright was their first impression or if that joke is just really stupid, either one of which I could understand.  I did get a good glare out of Mrs. Hillesland though, which alone was worth it.

Oh yeah, the low point of the first day.  After three years of figuring out my schedule flawlessly, I somehow managed to botch it this year.  It was a good four or five minutes into A lunch before I stopped and thought a second, pulled out my schedule and realized that my fourth period was in the HS building.  Of course, then I obsessed over how absent-minded I am and how even though no doctor will diagnose me, I surely have Alzheimer’s at 17, however unlikely that may be, until my friend Andy got annoyed with me.

I went to cross country yesterday and was surprised at how many freshmen are trying it out; there were hardly any last year.  So our cross country team’s looking pretty good this year, all except for, of course, the varsity boys.  Oh well, that means I make top seven for Stanford again. 

I went to Sunsplash with Jason and his friends the Thursday before school started, which was good because the last time I’ve been to any sort of water park was at the junior-senior picnic at the aquatic center, which was before summer even started.  Shameful, really.  And the last two musicals I’ve seen were Once on This Island and Cabaret; the first one was very good, the second was just OK.  Grease is next Saturday, which I should like because I loved Footloose last year.  You haven’t heard Holding Out for a Hero until you’ve heard it performed on top of a counter in a small-town diner scene.  Although hearing it performed by an animated fairy godmother comes pretty close.

That’s about all worth noting for now.


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  1. Drum roll please!!!!! (BDDDDDDTTTTTTTTTTT-RAT!): You were doing last minute summer AP work! Oh, oh yes. The sweet relief of being awesome. And I want major eProps mind you, not just a little bit, but like a wump load!!!And I think that red pen shit is hilarious! I even know the voice you must have done it in–that fake confused look you have and all. How could nobody laugh at that? Oh I know, Mrs. Hillesland’s a scary shedevil. Yeah, that must be it…Isn’t it funny being a senior man!? Think about it; you’re three quarters of the way done with high school… you’re on you’re way out. At this time last year you were only HALF done… TIH!–No… I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.Anyway, I know at least one guy who’s not graduated and goes to Kovar’s. I’ll look around for some more. It’d be great PR! And I have got to talk to you before Saturday cause you better not be going to some musical :-

  2. And, uh.. just to be sure you should probably say you’re gonna do Kovar’s… heh-heh… and thenfollow through…

  3. Our cross country team is going to be strong this year, especially with the girls. 
    Any senior project ideas?
    I think that when I asked you about your xanga you told me you had been “busy” haha I forget… but nice update!

  4. I thought Gregson said we weren’t going to Stanford again!!!  Especially after his Pier 39 *goof* last year   Aww I hate that course but the trip is fun!

  5. Dude– the other guy in newspaper is my friend Pete!! He just moved back up from L.A…. I went to my junior prom with him.  Very random.  He’s cool.

  6. Anonymous permalink

    yes, i tend not to laugh out loud very often … it always seems to end up getting me in some kind of trouble. well cross country is not looking as bad as i thought…hopefully i wont have to do varsity and by the way i ran today, looks like i will get JV!!!

  7. So, impressions of AP English thus far?

  8. OK, first off, Damon, as you’ve all probably guessed, is the winner of my silly little contest and will promptly receive a “wump load” of e-props.  And I will definitely be able to go to…. wait, does he have a Xanga?  ….. well, I will definitely be able to go.  I should get back from Music Circus around 5:00.  And don’t diss the musicals, man.
    Actually, being a senior doesn’t really feel that much different from the other years yet, unless I really stop and think about it.
    Did I really not say anything about AP English?  Well, Mr. Carroll seems awesome of course.  Yesterday he really reminded me of Mr. Mac from those three weeks or so of sophomore year.  You know, when we were discussing the three topics of the essays, and he came around to all the tables and asked us questions.  When we answered, he said things like, “Okay.  But how exactly are you defining society?”  Or, “Are you sure that it’s not Katherine’s nature to be what people thought of as a good housewife, and Petruchio just unlocked that in her?”  See, he never outright tells us anything.  Just asks us more questions to open up new avenues of thought.  As opposed to Mrs. Hillesland, who was mostly like, “This is how it is, this is the way they’re going to want you to answer on the AP test, so just accept it.”  So yeah.  I like Mr. Carroll a lot, I love the people in the class, and all is well.  Except for not getting Macbeth at all without having it spelled out for me.  That is not so well.
    Pete told me how he knew you yesterday as well, Lindsay, and he also happens to be a Magic: The Gathering player and therefore hangs out with my nerd friends from time to time.  Small world.
    I think Mr. Gregson was more frustrated with the traffic going to Pier 39 than with the meet itself, so we’re probably going to the meet and going somewhere else afterward, which would suck.  So we all have to beg him to go.

  9. Our presentation was so sick.

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