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August 26, 2005

Ah, the joy of the first late night project finishing of the year.

I thought I was going to be all right for the summer reading essay since I had four pages already by the time Thursday afternoon rolled around, and it only had to be four to six pages.  So I went out with some friends of the family, who seem to be under the impression that I starve without my parents home to feed me and so took every opportunity to take me out to eat during this last week, when my parents were out of town.  We went to the Dairy Queen down Greenback, a place that, oddly enough, I don’t believe I’ve ever been to.  I also had dinner at their house the previous day, and they sent me home with enough leftovers for my whole family to eat for days.  They are ridiculously nice people.  They’re also the ones who go with us to see the Music Circus plays; Grease last Saturday wasn’t bad, but I found out that the live musical version doesn’t have a couple of the main songs from the movie, like the one at the end that goes, “You’re the one that I want, ooh, ooh, ooh…”

Um, oh yeah, so I got back and started working on my essay, and people started calling me, and I started talking to them… but eventually, I did get around to my essay and began the task, not of putting on the finishing touches as I intended, but of extending it to six pages (five and a half once I reduced the margins).  For the first time in my life, four pages just felt like way too little.  Also, I couldn’t find any good quotes and had to skim through dozens of pages to find what I was looking for.  I’m afraid I may have overstepped the boundaries of the prompt, though.  I sort of speculated on what was wrong with the society that destroyed the lives of these characters and then went into what kind of society might have produced better results for them, rather than simply analyzing how much society affected them.  But I think it’s pretty much a given that society plays a huge role in everyone’s lives and an essay based solely on supporting that wouldn’t be interesting at all.  Well, we’ll see.  I’ll go ahead and put up my whole essay in another post, just in case any of you are really that bored.

I also had to finish my newspaper article on martial arts for today, which also took much longer than it should have because I’m so obsessive about how it sounds.  In the end though, I was only up until 1:00.  My dad thought that was pretty bad, but of course we of the AP classes know that 1:00 is much earlier than the average.  I heard plenty of 2:00s, 3:00s, even one 5:30, but I didn’t hear of one person who went to bed earlier than I did.  Then again, I guess you don’t exactly need to announce it if you went to bed at midnight.

What else… Bob’s birthday party last Saturday was fun.  We played a couple of games of pool, spoons (a card game), and Cranium at Jen and Ashley Binger’s house.  Damon and Mike brought the total to six.  We started to play sardines toward midnight, but after dogs in the neighbors’ yards started barking at us, we had to give up that idea.

We finished Independence Day in Film and started Ghosts of Mississippi, a movie that seems to have literary value for a change.

In Economics I again failed to speak up during a discussion where I felt like saying something.  You really have to time your hand just right to go up exactly as a person stops talking, and usually by the time you get around to having the chance to say what you want to say, they’ve moved on to other aspects. 

In particular, I’m talking about this new European Union constitution they’re considering.  The main argument against it seemed to be that it would wash out the cultures of the individual countries.  No offense to the ones who agreed with that, but that is a really crappy argument.  If the objective is just to preserve our cultures the way they are, then we wouldn’t have any immigration or even exchange programs.  Trying to keep a culture exactly the way it is makes it stagnant.  Cultures are meant to change with time.  Uniting Europe more will help mix all of the cultures together and promote greater diversity, allowing cultures to breed and evolve.  Trying to keep cultures hidden away in a corner just makes people more bigoted.  Since when is diversity frowned upon?  Are we still back in the pre-civil rights age?  Keep everything separate but equal?  And here’s another thing–cultures don’t just die.  Name one time in history when a culture was completely wiped out by an external force, and it doesn’t count if the entire population that had the culture was annihilated.  If a culture actually got taken over by other cultures, it was probably so ridiculous that it wasn’t worth existing in the first place.  I can’t believe so many are rejecting this constitution on the merits of shutting ourselves off from the world.  It’s about change, people.


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  1. I dedicated an entire paragraph to the postmodern aspects of The Natural’s movie adaptation, essentially beginning a digressive tangent on the socially constructed dichotomy in our America of literature versus film, so I don’t think you stretched the prompt too much. Hey, we’re supposed to take chances, right? I recall an essay I wrote for Mrs. Weldon’s class: the comment at the top read “excellent, even though it didn’t address the topic.” Teachers always love the crazies the most, anyway… at least the cooool ones do.If you’re going to wait like a week to post your essay for some reason, just e-mail it to me: bizzolt at gmail.comOh, I brought up part of our discussion on BNW; you know, back in like July or something? Nifty stuff.

  2. What’s really pathetic is that Rachael was up till 3:00 in the morning doing a TIMELINE of her “Past, Present, and Future” of all things. 
    And I wish you would have raised your hand, because it gets annoying hearing the same people constantly express their “viewpoints” for the sake of hearing themselves talk.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    hmm wonder who the 5:30 was? i dont think ive ever been to the greenback dairy queen either good argument about the culture too bad u didnt get to say it it wouldve made the discussion much more interesting and one-sided i like run on sentences

  4. I’m bored, post your essay.

  5. Unfortunately, I saved my only finished copy to a disk that I let a friend borrow, so it should be tomorrow that I post the essay.

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