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August 31, 2005

An study in the Sacramento Bee today says that 38 percent of Americans favor replacing evolution with creationism in science classes.  Not teaching evolution alongside creationism.  REPLACING evolution with creationism.  38 percent.  That’s well over a third.

I think that ranks right up there with ten-year-old sluts in apocalypse signs.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    maybe people are sick of the theory of evolution constantly being revised

  2. Yes.  That is a rather nasty characteristic of those scientific discoveries.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    is it really science? or is evolution faith?

  4. It’s faith in human reason, at least.

  5. The question is irrelevant in this case, because replacing evolution with creationism would require evolution to be faith AND creationism to be science.

  6. oh god. that’s intellectual armaggeddon… a society, we’re doomed.

  7. Keep in mind, also, that “well over one-third” of the people in this country are blithering idiots, so that sort of percentage should be almost expected.

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