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September 10, 2005

My sister’s back!  For those of you who don’t know, she’s been studying abroad in Japan for over a year, and we picked her up from the SF airport this morning.  One of the first things we did when we got back was play “Pretty-Ugly,” which is a really messed-up game in which she goes through the pictures in my yearbook and decides how pretty all of my classmates are.  The ratings are pretty, kinda pretty, okay, kinda ugly, ugly, and terrible.  You have to have, like, your head shaved bald and some unruly facial hair to warrant a “terrible,” so girls tend not to get that rating very often.  It’s a tradition we’ve had for many years, and it felt like she’d never left.

I bet you all didn’t know I was that horrible a person.  Don’t worry, she had good things to say about you.  Most of you, anyway.  Yeah… I’m gonna stop talking about that now.

Of course, she’s very tired from the plane ride and is now taking a nap, which gives me some time for a decent entry.

Let’s see… I sprained my ankle the Tuesday before last.  It sucked because I was just starting to feel like I was getting into great shape.  I guess I should consider myself lucky, though, because up until now the only running injury I’ve had was a knee problem that cleared itself up after a few visits to a physical therapist, and even this sprained ankle only put me out of three or four practices.  It was pretty swollen that first day though.  I really freaked out Casey with it.  Let’s just hope I’ve filled my injury quota for the rest of the year.  But anyway, I had to miss the first meet, which isn’t really much of a loss because we’ll have about three more meets on the same course later this season, and I was able to go to yesterday’s meet at Rocklin and pull off a rockin’ 131st place out of 145 people.  But I did deprive Kevin of his goal of beating me, so I was pretty happy.

Music Circus has been over for a while now.  The King and I was the last play, which is always a good one.  But with the season as a whole, I was not that impressed; last year was a lot better.  So now my Saturdays are  free, except for the ones where I have meets.

I am getting increasingly frustrated with the senior project because even now that I’ve turned in the final proposal, I still don’t think I’m going to do the project I proposed.  I was going to volunteer at an elementary school and teach the kids how to make a newspaper using knowledge I gained from Cavanaugh’s class, but it wasn’t until Thursday I realized that I’m really not going to be able to do that.  To do that, I’d have to go to the elementary school during school hours, during which time I happen to be–you guessed it–in school.  I was thinking maybe I could go during PAWS or something like that, but that’s only an hour to get to the elementary school, teach the class, and then come back, which just isn’t going to work.  Maybe I should ask Mr. Carroll what the heck he was thinking when he approved this.  He must have thought it was workable somehow.

My other choice, which was also approved, was making a math club, but the more I think about that one, the stupider it sounds.  Sure, I like math, and our school doesn’t have a math club, but… what do math clubs do, anyway?  Just math?  And that’s supposed to take me 15 hours to organize?  I mean, I guess I could find out from other schools what it is exactly that math clubs do, but then I started to consider that Mr. Chayo doesn’t have a time when he can be the advisor for this club, which kind of defeats the whole purpose, and I would have to work it around cross country and track, and probably no one’s even going to want to join this stupid club thought up by a nerdy kid who doesn’t know what he’s doing…

My mom suggested that I volunteer at the Folsom Telegraph or Folsom Life and become a correspondent or something.  Except that Erica’s already a correspondent for the Folsom Life and submits occasional sports articles.  And she, quite frankly, knows a lot more about sports than I do and does a fine job with every article she writes.  And if it’s not sports, what else do I have to offer?  Nothing concerning high school makes it into even the small town newspapers regularly unless it’s high school sports.

Other pending ideas are learning a new instrument and doing a fun run for some charity, both of which seem like sell-out options that won’t be good enough for the “higher standards” they have for AP students, or writing a novel, except I’m not creative enough to follow through with that.  I would kind of like to learn the ukulele, and I even have one already.  If anyone knows of a ukulele instructor in Folsom who can be my mentor, do let me know.

But seriously, open up some discussion here because I am out of ideas.

I’m doing well in all of my classes except for AP English.  I’ve scored poorly on all of the Macbeth quizzes, even though I read all of it and even reread long parts of it before class sometimes, and I got something like 87.5% on the summer reading tests.  Those questions were crap.  Some of them involved such ridiculously tiny details that aren’t even important to the stories’ themes.  But somehow a lot of other people had no problem with them.  You know what there should be more of?  Mindless memorization.  Like the Macbeth speech.  20 points for something that takes 15 minutes of your time, tops (after that you have all the lines in your head and it just takes you a while to recall them, so you can practice them while taking a shower or something else that doesn’t require your full attention, and it doesn’t take any more of your time).  Yeah, memorization.  Beautiful stuff.  But even that failed to raise my grade above a B-.  That essay I wrote had better be solid gold.

And then everyone is complaining about calculus and trying to drop the class.  We haven’t even had an actual calculus test yet!  I guess I just learn in a different way from most people, but even so, it’s hard for me to understand how math can be more difficult than English.  In math tests, you more or less know exactly what to expect.  It’s the same stuff you’ve been burning into your brain in class.  Occasionally there’ll be some surprises, but those are only worth some 2 points.  In English, you have no idea what they’re going to want you to know, and that’s why it often winds up seeming arbitrary to me.

Physics is a lot more boring than I expected, and Mr. L doesn’t help the situation much.  Plus, he put speed on a test where he meant velocity and then when 95% of the class got it wrong he was still adamant about taking the points off because “this is the way we’ve been doing it in class.”  So we’re encouraged to be total drones (like him, probably) and not think for ourselves at all.  Mr. Chayo would have given us those points.

I pretty much got out of doing Athletes of the Issue in newspaper because the coaches don’t put out their contact information until a good way into the season.  So I’m getting a fair amount of free time in that class, but next week we start layout, and it won’t be so laid back.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    it is always impossible to comment on everything that u type. hmm lekts see ..what did i rank on ur pretty-ugly game? or would i be better off not knowing? and you wont have any free saturdays cuz of ..cross country! the math club was a cool idea i wanted to start one but i couldnt figure out what we would do in it either. my friend from granit bay just had his entire calc class be co-president in a “math club” that they put on college apps. lol anyway …ya we should hav more memorization in english.its no problem for someone who knows the first 500 digits of pi

  2. Anonymous permalink

    see that couldve been an entire entry in my xanga

  3. Haha–I’m going to do this bullet form! Why? Cause that was long!!-Pretty-Ugly, that’s kinda harsh-Elementary newspaper=neat idea, too bad it’s not “workable” :–Math Club=horrible idea. I mean terrible. That’s bad. You’d have a higher turnout in Latin Club. Seriously, people hate math more than they hate the ACLU… heh-Glad school’s going well for you. Do you realize I leave in a week?! Last night was our last chance to hang out 😮 Well, I’ll be back on Christmas and junk… so help me GOD we will hang out then >:-|-Kovar’s is looking better and better, eh? Eh? Seriously man, within bike riding distance, structured learning, muscle memory and memorization?! How can you say no

  4. Dude, my senior project is going down the crapper, too.  Like I didn’t think it would be so hard to get sign language lessons, wth!!!  It’s too late to enroll in any college classes and all the interpretors I’ve talked to are too busy.  And apparently it takes years to even be good at it so what will I even be able to learn?  Like, the alphabet and how to say “i’m hungry?”  ooh-hoo how impressive…. 
    Oh and my brother and I totally do that game you and your sister do, but instead of ranking people we just laugh at them and say, oh! that person looks like ___! It’s quite fun.

  5. at least you have minus…i definitely have a c, and i am pissed because i read the summer reading books too early in the summer, so i did poorly on the AR tests…and you are sooo right…those questions were complete crap.

  6. What about friday afternoons for the newspaper idea?  You get out at least an hour and a half before elementary schools, right?  I’m sure you thought of that, but I decided to mention it anyways…
    good luck!

  7. die, econ, DIE!!!

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