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September 20, 2005

So, busy week for me so far. And not in the way of schoolwork either. So I guess another way to put it would be, pretty awesome week for me so far.
Got my driver’s license yesterday afternoon (had to skip mile repeats in cross country, which I kind of feel bad about, but on the plus side, I got to skip mile repeats in cross country). Yes, that is right. I can drive now. By myself. With no one else in the car. You wish you could… what? You already… over a year ago… oh, shut up. I’m still proud of myself, and you can’t take that away from me.
And this morning I asked Mindy Tran to Homecoming and she said yes. I was considering asking her already, and then she began to express a keen interest in who I was going to ask. She told me I should write a poem or sing a song because girls like that kinda stuff. Hinting at something, perhaps? Well, maybe not, but I did it anyway. And I even sang a song–one from a Hawaiian band called Ekolu. I don’t think I’ve been so embarrassed since I choked while playing piano in a talent show in second grade and banged my head against the keys in front of half the school.
Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but it was still pretty embarrassing. Because I’ve never officially asked a girl to a dance before, at least not in person. I asked my Roseville friend to Homecoming last year over the Internet. I know, I know, but it’s rather difficult to ask someone whose school is half an hour away, especially when you’ve waited until the last minute. And when I went to junior prom, my date offered to go with me when she got into a fight with her date and he bailed on her. Since I was the one who got them the tickets (neither she nor her date were juniors), she decided I should be the first one she offered the extra ticket.
I promised myself I would do new things this year though, and I intend to keep that promise.
On an unhappier note, our cross country team just isn’t what it used to be. The varsity girls lost Natasha, Sarah, and Amy to graduation and Andrea to crew, which is a pretty difficult blow to recover from. The latter three always ran in a close-knit group that usually finished in the teens, which was enough to win most races. The only ones left from that group are Karyn and Laura, and I think they don’t run quite as fast without the rest of them. The varsity guys… well the varsity guys have pretty much always sucked. But Cory and Damon were awesome freshman year, and now they just finish in the middle of the pack. Aren’t we running against a lot of the same people we ran against back then? And Jordan, who was winning a good portion of his races last year as a freshman, is just about where Cory and Damon are. The only one who really remains consistent is Jake. And he didn’t even want to do running at first. He threw out track for baseball freshman year.
I don’t really mind not being that good myself, since I never expected to be great. But it’s kind of depressing to see all these people who used to be amazing turn in mediocre performances.


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  1. that’s awesome! haha i saw mindy with a flower this morning in orchestra, but i wasn’t sure who asked her and i didn’t want to be like ahhh who asked you?!?!?  did you like sing to her in class?  that would have been really hardcore.
    actually, i think our varsity girls team in stronger this year.  although maria doesn’t run at the caliber natasha did (yet), she still scores about the same for our team since they don’t judge on how many minutes you are ahead from everyone… and then theres casey and karyn… and i think that pretty soon danielle and i, etc will move up in numbers and if rachel gets moved up from f/s we’ll be even stronger.
    now it’s on to karl marx and his nasty chronic boils… like, wth? who has those?

  2. i remember when you banged your head on the keys…yeah…congrats on getting your license. you are now a man.

  3. Yeah, now that I think of it, we were better at the end of last year than we were at the beginning, so there’s still plenty of time.
    and Marc and I go way back.

  4. Anonymous permalink

    yeah it feels weird to not have hours of homework. i almost feel normal ..and i dont know what to do with my time what does everyone else do…
    about the cross country ..u should see kevins latest post lol. its weird ive been improving even tho imissed some practices

  5. We’re going to talk about it tomorrow, for reals.

  6. score you can drive and you had a homecoming date!! yay…! aren’t you slightly above average in your running skills though?

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