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September 30, 2005

Am I the only one who still thinks senior year is pretty cool?  Maybe I’ve just convinced myself it is because I desperately don’t want to prove Damon is right about senior year sucking.  But hey, what’s a person’s opinion but what he’s convinced himself it is?

I got back a calculus test and a physics test today, both of which I aced, and I bet I owned on that economics midterm too.  No more B’s for me, I’m back on track!  But, um… I finished dead last at the Stanford race last Saturday.  Apparently, we were put into a race full of really fast people because of Jake.  That jerk… he deserved to only get sixth place just for that.  So yeah.  I really suck at running, more and more these days.  Guess you can’t have everything at once.

Mr. Gregson even talked to me and Kevin yesterday about how much faster we should be going and how he had more endurance than us when he was 50.  So he told us at Yolo, which is tomorrow, we should go out fast at the beginning because the only reason we’re going slow is that we keep settling into a slow pace that we can’t break out of in the middle of the race.  It’s kind of funny because I always feel like the reason I’m dying at the end of the race is that I go too fast at the beginning.  But coach knows best, right?  He was right about one thing, at least–we’ve got nothing to lose.  Unless, of course, I get last place again.  That would be another loss that I could avoid.

Okay!  Back to happy thoughts now!  Whee!

Whoops, out of time.  Gotta go to the pasta feed.  Go reread my bragging about acing tests if you want this to end on a good note.


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  1. Wow that sucks about cross country, I always knew that Gregson was a great pep-talker, but I never knew he could be so great as to tell you that you’re worse than he was at 50. Anyway, good job on the tests, hope you keep on enjoying senior year, because it isn’t completely horrible. Well, at least you shouldn’t give up on it yet because the horrible parts happen nearer the end of the year, and giving up now would make the second semester crap.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    ur the only one who still things senior year is cool … cross country ruined it

  3. Haha… so Wobbley, so premature. I said the end of Senior year is killer! Silly, silly Wobbles 1 eProp for you!

  4. hah do some people actually change the eprop thing? i didn’t realize they even had a purpose in life. hmmm i learned today. ummmm i got a D+ on that physics test i didn’t finish because in the middle of it i started thinking to myself how much fun i would have if i could just ride a giraffe around the african coast. sometimes i think i have ADHD(The H is put there because usually i will act out these fantasies simultaneously).

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