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October 25, 2005

So many things happening at once!

I got a 2330 on my SATs, so that’s pretty cool.  I guess there’s no point in taking it again in December, although I was kind of disappointed in my math score: 790.  That means Andy beat me in math, and that just won’t do.  Overall, though, I doubt if I can top that.  I was really in the zone that day.

Speaking of SATs, this is officially the last week of the last season of cross country for me.  It’s not the end of the season for most of the rest of the team–there’s still Subsections after this Saturday’s meet.  But I’m taking the subject tests in November, and some genius decided to schedule Subs on that same day.  So even if the team qualifies without me, I can’t go to Sections if I don’t go to Subsections, which means my season’s over.  Not that we would have qualified for Sections anyway.  Mr. Gregson told us himself he didn’t think we would.  Well, I’ve always sucked at the Frogtown course anyway, so this might as well be my last meet.  I gotta beat Kevin one last time; then I can retire happy.

I’m kind of glad it’s almost over because I’ll have so much more time to do things like going out to lunch on Fridays, going to youth group on Wednesdays (which I still usually manage to find time for now as long as there’s no meet that day, but not having to jump from one thing to another would be easier), going to JSA meetings on Tuesdays (joined the club but have been switching off between going to meetings and going to cross country–today I went with JSA, where I totally pwned in a debate over whether or not Barney is a crazed, dangerous beast), and oh yeah, updating my Xanga from time to time.  Not to mention that quarter grades have come out and a swarm of people looking for tutors has naturally followed.  For the vast majority of the population, the most convenient tutoring time is right after school, and I’ve had to turn down several potential clients already because of that.  I’ve been going out to eat kind of often lately, so it’ll be nice to replenish my money supply.

Oh yeah, and I know what I forgot last time–my sister’s engaged.  Kind of important, I guess.  But anyway, she’s getting married to her boyfriend she met while studying abroad in Japan last year, which seems pretty weird because even though she’s almost out of college, she’s actually only two and a half years older than me.  It’s an understatement to say this is going to change things around here.

Jason’s family moved to this place near Yuba City called Plymouth Lake or something, so starting Sunday, Jason is staying at my house so he can finish up his senior year.  On the weekends, he’ll be going back to live with his parents.  So it’s kind of like we’re hosting an exchange student, which is nothing new for us, except that I already know him well.  But the situation’s not quite the same as an exchange student’s for him, and I’m not sure how well he’s going to adapt.


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  1. You are one crazy kid, Chris…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    i think you got robbed of at least 70 points

  3. Gah! I forgot to add the “teen.” I knew something was wrong with it….

  4. gah–feh–urgh you. because i’d be deliriously happy with those scores.

  5. i win 🙂

  6. Wow! That last part is crazynuts man. Just for that little look into the world of the elusive Christopher, you get 2 eProps!

  7. lol. hey chris. not runnin for competition any more so its more fun and games. lol definitely not in shape. 😛 couldnt run in a race and be good at all. haha ne ways hope all is going well! good luck in subs at frogtown!!!

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