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November 6, 2005

Took the SAT subject tests yesterday, which went horrible.  I mean, I guess they went all right overall, but not compared to my Reasoning test.  The French test went pretty much as well as I could have hoped, considering that I pretty much haven’t looked at anything in French for about six months.  The math test was all right; I was cruising through it at first, but that made me kind of cocky, so maybe I spent more time thinking about the easy questions than I should have… I didn’t make it to two of the last problems, which were much harder than the first ones.  You know, they should really give you the option of taking PSAT2s, because practice on those would have helped me a lot more than practicing the regular SATs.  The Reasoning test is pretty much what you get on the STAR tests every year.  Well anyway, it was the chemistry test that really went bad.  They give you some 90 questions to do in an hour, and half of them were stuff they didn’t even teach us in Honors Chem.  I guess I needed to go into AP Chem.  So I didn’t get to about 15 of the questions, and I’m pretty sure I missed many more along the way.  I really thought it wasn’t going to be that hard because I aced the chemistry section on the STAR tests.  But no.

I really need to get myself to think faster.  This is really starting to bother me, especially because I got yet another B on a math test, my third, which finally lowers my entire grade in the class to a B.  And it wasn’t even hard.  It was the projectile unit, which is just writing equations and plugging numbers into them.  But I just take too much time, especially because I have to write all those equations each time.  It’s so much less time-consuming in physics, when you just use the same ten or so equations, so you skip the writing-equations-out phase and go straight to the plugging in.  Plus, the problems that are on the physics tests are always things we’ve gone over; Mr. Chayo throws in all this more complicated stuff that I could work out if given the time, but I just can’t think fast enough to do six or seven pages of test in less than an hour and think through the challenge problems.  I am seriously worried right now.  If I don’t finish the final in the time he gives us, what then?  I’m freaking screwed, that’s what.

So cross country’s over for me.  Lost to Kevin in the last meet.  He pulled away from me in almost exactly the same place he did last time–right past the bridge.  And I guess that’s not really so bad.  What’s bad is that Keyvan beat me too, and that always sucks because he walks for like half the race.  I had less than three fourths of a mile to go when I saw him coming up on me, and from then until the end of the race he was doing that speed-up-to-get-past-you-and-start-walking thing he always does.  I just about crashed into him when he stopped to walk about 200 meters from the finish line.  What made it worse was that at that point, I knew it was already too late for me to beat him.  No matter how much ground I gained while he walked, he was going to beat me in the final sprint.  He’s 2-minute half mile Keyvan.  I didn’t stand a chance.  Gaahh…

I thought I was going to have a lot more time now that it’s over, but this last week has been more hectic than ever.  It’s amazing how much you find to do when you don’t have your afternoons taken up by cross country.  I got a tutoring job Tuesday and Thursday after school, which means I can balance out the money I will spend going out to eat after school on Fridays.  Then there was a Halloween party at my friend Phyllis’s apartment on Monday, so I didn’t get home until about 9:00, at which point I had to finish my physics research paper on time travel.  Ohh, that was fun.  Managed to get to bed a little before 1:00 though, since I had done a good portion of it over the weekend.  So far this year, I’ve managed to keep my smallest amount of sleep at five and a half hours, so I’ve got nothing to complain about, really.  Except that six hours of sleep for me is like three hours for most people.  I do not function well without sleep.  Which makes my continuing insomnia rather ironic.  Oh yeah, and I had youth group on Wednesday, major econ. debate project and a quiz on quite possibly the most difficult book I’ve ever read on Thursday, JSA meeting on Tuesday, ACLU (Alex suckered me into it) on Wednesday, and… yeah, that’s about it.

I can’t say that all the stuff I’ve been doing hasn’t been fun though.  The Halloween party was worth staying up late for.  Phyllis has an awesome manga collection in her room and a DDR pad, which is quite a welcome addition to any party.  And I met a few new cool people.  We also watched House of Wax, but that wasn’t the highlight.  It’s one of those films that isn’t even scary, just gory (you can add it to your list, Damon).  I finally saw Donnie Darko yesterday, and the single image of the freaky bunny mask was scarier than all the scenes in House of Wax put together.  Although that bunny is pretty freakin’ scary.

Well, that should be enough to keep you all occupied for a while. 


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  1. Dude, that really sucks about XC… Keyvan beating you.  I know how you feel because he’d ALWAYS walk up the hill in mile repeats, like he’d be RIGHT NEXT TO ME and I’d be running up it and then he’d find a way to sprint at the end and beat me!  ARGH!!!  Try not to beat yourself up too much about it like I do, though, because I’m sure it was only a mental thing that kept you from beating him up that last track loop, not whether or not you were physically capable.  For me, it’s always a mental block that keeps me from beating certain people because I lose confidence and motivation real quickly once I get into about a mile of the race and it sucksss- I think it’s the hardest thing about cross country.  I’m usually stuck in it for about 3 races at a time and then it goes away but ughhhhhh it’s so annoying esp. since you know you’re really faster but whatev this probably isn’t helping.  desolee!  see you in gov! 

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