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November 8, 2005

Why does everyone wear jeans?  I hate jeans.  They always make them really straight and stiff in the back so that they don’t fit the shape of my big ol’ derriere.  They just go straight up from where it sticks out, so there winds up being this huge gap between my waist and the rim, while the crotch is way too tight.  And then when I bend over, their stiffness causes the gap to widen even more instead of letting the jeans move to fit my new shape, while the crotch gets squeezed even tighter.

And they always have a million pairs of pants in the store that are five sizes too big, and it’s impossible to find something small enough for me.  At almost 5’8”, 145 pounds, I am not that small.  In fact, I’d say I’m arguably average-sized, which means that I should have the easiest time finding pants out of anyone.  Doesn’t anybody else have these problems?

But I forget, of course nobody has these problems.  Stores simply pander to the demands of customers, and customers don’t want pants in smaller sizes, and they don’t care whether jeans fit their curves, because they all WEAR THEIR PANTS AROUND THEIR #$*&% KNEES!  AAAAHHH!!!

Boo to stupidity.

So that’s just what I was thinking as I was buying new pants the other day.  Anyway….

There are a bunch of teachers gone this week.  Mr. Carroll and Ms. Cavanaugh are both attending to sick relatives, unfortunately, and Ms. Kellogg has been gone for a couple of days too.  But of course, we students are happy at our teachers’ expense.  The longer we can put off taking that Heart of Darkness quiz, the better, right?  Except then I have to be paranoid every morning instead of just one.  But that feeling of relief is always nice once I get to second period, I have to admit.  Today we made posters of a representation of the character Kurtz.  My group used my idea of Kurtz as a puppetmaster holding a bunch of marionettes.  It was pretty fun.  How often do you get to draw in English class?  And we got a whole bunch of class time to read, so I’m almost done with the book.  The sub even let one of the British students read aloud to the class, whereas Mr. Carroll just skipped over him when we read aloud before.  He read for about ten whole minutes before someone finally told him he’d read enough.  We all applauded when he was done.

My newspaper article this issue is boys basketball.  However, tryouts don’t even finish until this Saturday, so I don’t have to turn in my article until long after tomorrow, which is the due date for everyone else.  And since this is my only article and I have layout instead of photography, this week I pretty much just get to kick back for an entire period.  Sean, my partner for my econ. debate, has been gone for the last two days, which means I didn’t have to worry about getting chosen from the hat.  And we have no other assignments due in that class all week.  I finished my physics homework for the week in newspaper today, and new grades were posted in that class–I’m just under 98%.  Aced a calculus test this morning, and I’m pretty sure I aced that physics quiz too.  And we have this Friday off.

Now THIS is what my schedule without cross country is supposed to be like!  Things are pretty sweet right now.

Jason stays pretty quiet in the guest room doing his homework a lot of the time, and he spends most of the weekends out at his parents’ house.  But when he is out with the rest of us, he’s been like one of the family.  I now watch Teen Titans with him at breakfast every morning at 6:30.

Christmas is coming up!  I got this “Holiday Buyer’s Guide” with my new issue of Nintendo Power, so I went through it and looked for what I wanted.  At the top of my list is the new Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix.  Oh yes.  I am having so many parties at my house once I get my hands on that.  Also looking at Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (which my friend Andy bought as soon as it came out), Donkey Kong Jungle Beat (that bongo controller intrigues me), and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness (shout-out to Wilson).  And did I mention?  I’m going to Hawaii for Christmas break, where I’ll finally get to meet my sister’s fiance in person.  I haven’t been to Hawaii during the winter in about a decade.  I intend to laugh heartily at the rest of you freezing in Folsom.


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  1. I’ll have to teach you about jeans one of these days.

  2. First of all: Pant rant=freakin’ highlarious!Second of all: Dude… bongo beat?! Screw that! That thing was satan… what a gimmick. It almost makes me respect DDR: Mario Mix.But Main of all: Dude–no leaving during Christmas! Noooooooooooooo–that’s when we come back and wanna hang out with you man! That sucks! I mean, Hawaii for Christmas? Hellooo–Christmas is supposed to be cold, and snowy if possible, like it was when Jesus was born. Der. Psh.

  3. Hahaa, that’s one more person whom I respect for wearing pants the way they’re supposed to be worn. Isn’t it just glorious when you walk into class prepared for a quiz, and the teacher isn’t there? That’s related to my preparing for debate for a week and not having to go. Good job on your debate by the way =D. Christmas isn’t really Christmas-like when it’s not freezing cold, haha. Now if only it would snow…

  4. I hate jeans, too.  Like, it makes me SO MAD (almost as MAD as I get at out retarded government class) when I’m at a store and I see the COOLEST style of jeans ON SALE but then as I go through the rack there’s only size 12 and 14!!! AHHHHH WTH!!!  Plus, size 6 is too long and the “short” jeans are too tight EVERYWHERE so I end up having to hem them by like 4 inches and they’re still too big around the waist!
    ARGH! Today is an angry day!!!!

  5. Jeans are okay, but you do need to find the right size for it to not me uncormfortable. they keep me warmed than other things do, and the jeans i’ve had have always had extra space in the crotch so that that doesn’t happen, but then it just pocked out in a bubble making it look like i have a boner when i don’t. so i guess that’s a similar problem for the opposite reason. and that’s pretty early to get up and watch teen titans. i’d just tivo it and watch it later.

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