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November 17, 2005

So, man is inherently evil, huh?  Then go on a suicide bombing in the middle of the most densely populated area in the world and wipe out as many of those evil creatures as you can!  That’s the best thing you as an evil being can do, right?

Stupid Conrad.

Stupid essay.


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  1. i agree.  stupid conrad.  stupid essay.  and possibly maybe a stupid carroll?  all of hamlet over BREAK!  sigh.  good luck with urs!

  2. Conrad writes to a reviewer: “your brave attempt to grapple with thefogginess of heart of darkness, to explain what I myself tried toshape blindfold, as it were, has touched me profoundly.”If Conrad doesn’t know what he’s talking about why should we????????????????????????????????

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Do I sense a bit of hate?  : )

  4. Wobbles angry! Wobbles smash!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    haha wow havent heard “wobbles” in a while. actually i think the best thing we can do as evil beings is to hijack a nuclear power plant and do some chemistry thing to it to make it blow up. toxic nuclear waste totally owns bombs.

  6. or become apprentices of mrs. mcaleer.

  7. hah yeah when i added that last part, i pretty much insulted 90% of the female population. oh well watch me cry.

  8. Conrad, yuck, I tried reading the Heart of Darkness however though it was quite brief, I couldn’t stomach the time to read about such things as a yawl.

  9. We demand more posts and that you be home for Thanksgiving!!! And cookies… seriously though, where you gonna be for Thanksgiving man? Did you already say and I missed it? I hope you’re home

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