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December 2, 2005

You know how Mrs. Painter always says that certain topics like redistricting aren’t the “sexiest” topics?  So when they were doing the marijuana debate, I was hoping someone would mention that it was a sexy topic, because then I could be like, “Yeah, I’d do marijuana.”  ‘Cause that’s like, a triple entendre.  I’d do marijuana as a debate topic, as a drug, and sexually. 

ahem.  Anyway.

End of the semester coming up, and people seem to be in panic mode.  I’ve gotten at least five calls from prospective clients for my tutoring business, and I’ve only been able to accept two of them because my schedule’s getting too full even without cross country.  In fact, I had to stay up late several nights this week what with massive amounts of reading for Painter’s class that I didn’t find the time for over break, and then other stuff like trying to get my Stanford application together, researching my senior project (which takes me a rather long time because I’m usually not satisfied with something that’s only indirectly or partially related to my subject), pre-final for Chayo, etc.  Oh yeah, that final we took today was insane.  That thing had to be about 12 pages long, and we had to do it in 40 minutes?  Nobody I’ve talked to yet finished the entire thing.  I finished the last page right on time, but I skipped deriving the product rule because I figured it would take up too much time for how much it was worth.  Only 10 million points.  But I’m pretty sure I also missed the one for writing a Newton’s approximation equation to find pi.  And that really sucked when he decided to explain to us in the middle of the test that the “$100s” on the answer sheet meant C notes, as in “see notes.”  Isn’t there some rule that the most important thing in comedy is timing?  The one next Friday had better be shorter, because that was just ridiculous.

Other than that, things are going along fine.  Making more money per week than I’ve ever made in my life.  Can’t wait for winter break, though.


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  1. Yeah–are you gonna be around at all for winter break? :- Mike and I come back next week.And I don’t know about the barbie thing man. You ever see a playboy cover? They’re trying to get as close as they can…. (enter creepy twilight music)Which is not to say that all men are like that (thank god for menkind )ps. Math=Satan

  2. Hahaa, marijuana. Clever =)

  3. i thought redistricting was interesting. it was the prescription drug and energy ones that sucked cojones. i wonder if you could find a clever relevant QUADROUPLE entendre and use it in a conversation sometime. how much do you cost to tutor per hour (and also your marijuana per ounce) ? i’m really glad i am not in chayo’s class anymore, but painter’s really isn’t that bad. i read like ten pages of the book and discussed it with her, and most of it was common sense or just hallam 2. although right now i have to do that actual work… well you are probably going to call me sometime soon (or maybe not?) to …you know, offer me your drug and tutoring services. just kidding more like MAKE A PHYSICS-CHOREOGRAPHIC PRESENTATION ON TIME TRAVEL!!! i just realized…i have seriously forgotten everything except that if you sit still you can travel into the future at a rate of 1 second per second. haha and a wormhole can be used to warp to the past and then if you travel fast enough back to your original destination you can end up being here before you left. i remember how to create negative energy (in small amounts) but i forgot everything else like what the name of the….(particle?) that can not go SLOWER than the speed of light, and its relevance to this. i returned my books too and my project itself was a last minute piece of bull shit. i will most likely not say anything that you didn’t know at all and odds are you will sound like an amazing prophet and i will sound like someone that “Does marijuana” in all three ways. maybe i should just go up there wearing my cool sombrero and say… “No inglés!! No me ponga en México otra vez!!!! lo siento!!!! todavía sigo las leyes!!!!” but then he might call Immigration control and deport me to LITHUANIAN. then i’d be screwed. well give me acall i guess i’ll talk to you later christopher seymour

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