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February 5, 2006

It’s been a long time since I wrote a real entry.  Hm…

Track started last week.  I’ve been keeping in somewhat good shape, although I didn’t do much running until about the beginning of January.  Before that, I was too busy playing Dance Dance Revolution: Mario Mix.  I decided to let Angelica take it back with her to San Diego though–figured I needed to start running anyway, and she’d get more use out of it than I would.

But oh man, that is one heck of a fun game.  And so good a workout, it put running out of the question.  I mean, I guess my other games, Donkey Kong Jungle Beat and Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, are better games from a critic’s point of view, and they are excellent games in their own right, but it’s just a completely different experience–you can’t compare them.  You can really only compare it with other DDR games, and it totally pwns them all.  Seriously, though, I played another DDR game at Circuit City and it just didn’t come close.  For one thing, it didn’t have the awesome colorful backgrounds with Mario or Luigi getting his groove on and all the Goombas and Koopas dancing backup.  It just had the same boring black background, no matter what song I chose.  For another thing, the music generally sucked, while DDR: Mario Mix has some of the coolest mixes I’ve ever heard.  I never realized how perfect the Dr. Mario song is for being made into a dance mix.  Plus, the Mario version has a Story Mode.  Think about that one for a second.  Yeah, it’s pretty much what you’d expect from a Mario story centered around dancing–the stupidest, most ridiculous story you could possibly imagine.  Brief summary: The “Music Keys” have been stolen from a tower that has pretty much no security whatsoever to prevent this from happening, which is odd considering that if the music keys are not returned to their rightful place they will unleash neverending music upon the world, FORCING EVERYONE TO DANCE FOREVER!!!  Cue ominous music.  And the most awesome thing about it is that in this world, dancing solves all your problems.  The first obstacle you run into is a river blocking your path.  Then Toad says, “Oh, no, what should we do?  Wait, I know!  Maybe if you dance, we’ll get across!”  And wouldn’t you know it–it works!  They hop into a little boat, and Luigi’s (you can play as either Mario or Luigi) magic dancing propels them to the opposite shore.  No matter what obstacle you run into, all you gotta do is dance.  I’m pretty sure I danced to rebuild a hotel somehow. 

The only problem with the Mario version is a somewhat small selection of songs and a lower difficulty level than most DDR games.  But I’m just a novice, so the latter really made little difference to me–and once I master this game, I’ll just go to the arcades if I really want to become a DDR master.  On the other hand, it is kind of surprising how rapidly improvement comes.  Immediate results, that’s the way I like it.  Like memorizing pi.

Which brings me back to track season starting.  Running brings about perhaps the least immediate results of anything.  I really don’t feel very bad about not running all that much.  It didn’t matter.  We ran laps around the reservoir on Thursday, and I felt fine, or at least as fine as you expect to feel when you run.  It just goes to show how little work actually has to do with performance.  I mean, it definitely gives you an extra edge–it’s the difference between a great runner and a legendary one.  But for me, who has no chance of being either of those, it’s kind of a waste of effort.  My goal is to break five minutes this year.  But I’m not going to do that just by being in the best shape I can possibly be.  I’ve been in good enough shape to run a five minute mile for about two years now, yet I’ve never broken 5:10.  I don’t know how I’m going to reach five minutes, and it may be an unreachable goal, but one thing’s for sure–I have to not do the same old thing I’ve been doing.  My inability to run at my full potential is due to a mental block, and I have to figure out a way to unblock it.  And who knows–maybe that means not pushing myself as hard as I used to.  Maybe I need to save it all for race day.  I won’t be in quite as good shape as I have been in previous years, but the few seconds’ difference that it will make is certainly worth it for the ten seconds, maybe fifteen, maybe more, that unblocking this block will cut from my time.

In any case, I have a lot more on my plate this year than previous years, so I couldn’t make a perfect commitment to track even if I felt it would be good for me.  I’m really starting to get into JSA, and I’d like to attend as many meetings as possible.  Is it my fault if they schedule all school events immediately after school?  They really expect you to have no life outside of academics and athletics if they expect you to come five days a week, every week, without fail.  And they decided to schedule Friday track right after school this week, and I’m sure they’ll do it again.  Unfortunately, I can’t make it then, because I’m doing my senior project, which involves volunteering at an elementary school.  But wait, I have school at the same time as elementary school students do–except right after school on Friday.  Of course, Gregson would probably tell me, “You should have picked a different senior project.”  Whatever.  Monday and Wednesday are generally the only days that really matter.  You can do the rest of it on your own pretty easily.

Backtracking now… Winter Ball was just amazing.  It was everything that Homecoming was missing, including good music, music you could hear over the bass, Wilson and Curtis in our group, lack of Homecoming Court picture without me in it, etc.  Mindy looked really nice with her hair all in curls and the turquoise-green dress.  Everything just flowed so smoothly.  Oh yeah, and apparently I’m an awesome dancer, heh heh.  I’m tellin’ you, it’s gotta be the DDR.

Got voted Most Likely to Succeed.  That’s got to be one of the most ambiguous categories in the yearbook.  I mean, in our pictures, they had us drinking coffee while talking on cell phones and reading something simultaneously.  Is that the definition of success everyone was thinking of when they voted for me?  I don’t think any of the ones who got voted are actually going to be big business leaders or anything like that.  Still, I certainly see Peter, Caitlin, and Jen as good choices.  Peter with his political drive and expertise, Caitlin and Jen both with countless extracurriculars in which they demonstrate leadership as well as quick thinking and speaking.  Compared to them, what the heck have I done?  All I’ve got is my academic success, and that’s certainly no grounds for success.  I don’t have any of the drive or confidence you need to really be successful, at least in the way most people think of it.  I think I’ll be successful in terms of being able to do what I want to do in life, but I’m no leader.  Not by a long shot.  I work from behind the scenes.  That’s where I’m comfortable, that’s where I enjoy myself.  So I don’t know.  I guess I could try and ask everyone who voted for me what exactly they were thinking.

Finally starting to really sit down and apply for scholarships, which means even less down time for other stuff.  Still have hardly done anything on my classic lit, but in a wonderful stroke of luck I got picked to go during the last week, which means I still have two weekends after this one to get everything together, and then I’ll have plenty of examples to go by as well.  At least I finished my book long ago–I believe there are still some who are working on that. 

I can’t really tell if senioritis is getting to me or not.  I feel it’s getting more and more difficult to concentrate recently, but that’s probably because of my hour or two of lying in bed awake every night.  Once I drank milk before going to bed, listened to music, went to bed later than usual, read a book for 20 minutes before sleeping, and even took a pill that was supposed to help me relax–still nothing.  Took me over an hour anyway.  I don’t think lack of sleep is really characteristic of senioritis, but it sucks just the same.  It’s times like these that I really wish I was one of those people who can function on six hours of sleep.  I swear I almost forgot my backpack on my way to my next class the other day.  I was starting to walk away and vaguely realized I had a little more spring in my step than usual… then Rod pointed out what was missing.

Oh yeah, I wrote a steaming hot love letter to Rod for the Valentine’s Day issue of the newspaper.  Look for it!

But other than the lack of sleep, things are going along as well as is to be expected.  I’m building up a pretty solid base in all my classes, so I’ll have a cushion if I do feel the need to crash a little toward the end of the year.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    haha you and rod’s letters to each other are all i have to look forward to in the next few weeks. if you’re wondering about how you got most likely to succeed, think about how i got most likely to invent something. ive never invented anything in my life. ever. haha for our picture they had us holding test tubes in robbs room and rod started arguing with her about why we had to wear goggles and she almost screamed before he stopped. it was funny. anyways maybe i should start playing mario ddr, i was wondering where you got all your dance moves

  2. You own jungle beat? Bring that over here and I’ll have FOUR pairs of bongos.

  3. w00t Wobbles! You can crack the 5 minutes man. Have you tried running with lots of different people??? (PS–I think I’ll write a short story about you soon. I don’t know how it will go, but the other one I wrote recently was pretty good, and you’re dynamite material )

  4. there is nothing classier than a ap class/high school relationship metaphore
    you just earned one million eprops in my book for that.r

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