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February 9, 2006

I’ve got to do a film review tonight if I want 20 bonus points, so I’ll have to make this quick.

This week is my first week in the News section this year for the newspaper! Yes! This means editorials are up for grabs, and since I have seniority in the group (by two definitions–haha) I can probably get first dibs on a lot of them. So I need ideas.

For the upcoming issue I’m going to try to suggest an editorial against censorship, but intuition tells me that’s not gonna fly. So here’s another thought we are considering:

They’re making new rules for the school dances–much stricter. From what I understand, it’s going to be: you must be six inches away from your dancing partner at all times, and no “back to front” dancing. Only front to front (because that’s so much better). (So, um, Mindy and I are definitely delinquents under this law, in addition to, I don’t know, EVERYONE) Also, school officials will walk around to make sure the rules are enforced. You get one warning, and if they catch you again after that, you’re gone–and you don’t get to come to the next two dances after that. And if it becomes impossible to control because so many people are breaking the rules, they will turn the lights on, the music off, and usher everyone out of the dance. No refunds.

Consider and respond. And please, PLEASE give me something in in opposition to the opinion you probably know I have. It’ll help keep this editorial from turning into a rant, and I don’t think rants will be accepted. You know, what with censorship and all.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    do censorship, and maybe throw in a few cartoons into the mix. if fhs students start rioting and beheading civillians and torching embassies, you’ll have proven your point. but dont draw muhammed, hes holy. and youll get shot and have a 5 page declaration of jihad stuck to your chest with a dagger.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    The new rules? 
    I’m all for them.  Frankly, I’m tired of everyone dancing like horny monkeys.
    The basis of my idea stems from one philosophy of mine-  that there is certain behaviors acceptable in certain situations.  I’ve always looked at dances very conservatively-  a place to go with your friends, dance around, and have a good time.
    What it’s become at our school is some kind of mosh-pit of sexual tension.  Being a bystander I can’t speak as to what goes on in that pit, but what I see on the outskirts shys me away from ever venturing to find out.
    The very idea of freaking I also find immoral.  I figure that if a guy really wants to dance with a girl (or vice-versa) face to face makes more sense- otherwise it’s just a genital-oriented thing that gives certain people that “tingly” feeling.  (I also would prefer to enjoy the make-up and hair etc. that the girl has spent so much time preparing, rather than the back of her dress…)
    But, of course, the reason I most look forward to these new rules is that I’m guessing after the first dance, VERY few people will bother to come anymore.  Which means there will be less crowds, and me being slightly paranoid around large groups of people will be much happier in the environment.
    But, I do recognize I’m in the minority.

  3. Just what I needed, excellent comments. But how about the six inch thing? (I’ll have to look into that one more–I don’t know how they expect to be able to measure it.)

  4. Anonymous permalink

    wow uh .. where did measuring 6 inches come from? not to sound sick or anything, or is that newspaper lingo

  5. I think the new rules are definitely a little severe, but probably won’t be enforced to that point (were the last set of rules ever enforced, anyways?) and maybe that makes it a good idea.
    Dances that I went to were fun in my little circle of geeky friends, but other than that were pretty disgusting.  My junior prom, I went to my table to get a drink and some girl had thrown my purse and sweater off of my chair….and was giving a lap dance in it.
    I just remember shaking my head anytime there was some mention of the “no freaking” rule before dances, because inevitably AT the dance, from almost any angle you could see a bunch of people flagrantly breaking the “rule” right in front of any chaperones present….with nothing done about it, at least nothing that ever made a difference.
    If the new rules ARE enforced, however…you’re right.  People just won’t go anymore.  But maybe if they just want to rub up against one another, they can find another place (like, not at a school event/in front of their teachers).

  6. Hey. Think of Olympe de Gouges who fought for women’s rights during the French Revolution. (I know, I know, you’re like “My sister bringing up HISTORY?! The world must have come to an end!” but I do have an MMW midterm in a few hours, and I actually did study last night *_*) She wrote this controversial little thing called “Declaration of the Rights of Woman and the Citizen” and had it sent to the queen as well as published and spread around France, and morons who had a problem with it had it censored and eventually had her guillotined. But you know what? If it hadn’t been for people like her, who were willing to risk censorship and even death to stand up for what they believed in and set the grounds for change even though it might not have come during their lifetime, I might be (shudder) having to cook for my husband every day and wear ugly, stifling dresses. My point is, this new rule about the school dances (who thought it up, by the way? I bet I can guess…is it the idiot on a power trip whose yearbook pic I deface every year? do you suppose he’d try to censor me for that too?) is just as ridiculous, if not more so, than women not having rights in the 19th century (or was it the 18th century?? Crap, I better stop writing and go study more >_<), so if you feel as strongly as I do, you better use your position as a journalist to speak up.
    And if that’s not enough to convince you, no, students are not going to be happy with the new regulations, and I’d wager they lash out by finding other, more private places to get within six inches of each other, and maybe even closer than that. That’s what I’d do if I was a high school student under the reign of Mr. P, anyway…

  7. Woah, woah, hold the presses here. I believe that is the single MOST graphic thing I’ve ever read on Wobbles’ xanga! “So, um, Mindy and I are definitely delinquents under this law, in addition to, I don’t know, EVERYONE”. That’s downright steamy for a Wobbles conversation, let alone a Wobbles post! Haha…Anywho, yeah I found the high school dances to be a bit extreme. And I am NOT that god damn conservative. When you get right down to it, dances has evolved from a cultural activity of the lightest sexual connotation and highly rigid construction (think Victorian era Western society) to a loosely constructed display of sexual deviance of epic proportion. As far as I can tell, and I kid you not; only penetration is not acceptable on the dance floor. Of course it varies from circle of friends to circle of friends, but I distinctly remember a time I saw a guy once humping a girl’s mid-section like a dog on a leg. His tongue was out and she was just flailing her arms around like a rog doll and I’m pretty sure it was the most disturbing thing I’ve ever seen in person.Look for my next post Wobbles: It will be relevant and X-rated–which tells you something about school dances.

  8. What are they going to do, walk around with rulers or books? What about the Tango? That’s qualified competition dancing, and you have to be cheek-to-cheek. Besides, anyone who’s been to an SF dance knows that trying to enforce it dosen’t work.

  9. i don’t know what i can say in favor of these rules, because wuite franlly, i think they are rdiculous. i don’t know, if you need anything anti-rules…you know where to find me.

  10. For the dance rule thing, they are trying to follow what Oakridge does and I know that Rocklin turns on the lights. I think they are a lot more serious on enforcing it this time…but i dont think they will take measures at prom. After all…its prom. They might try it with Sadies or something. I like the rule in some ways but I dont think its very realistic. Folsom kids love to go to dances…they are still going to come and do what they have always done. I also heard that they were going to have everyone put some type of wristband on. If they catch you “freaking”, they will snip off ur band as a warning. If they see u the second time, without a band, then you are out….is this true? About censorhip…that might make some people in our school ignited. the school dances might be a more approachable topic. Well…thats it for me.

  11. ooh steamy, steamy.
    dances are digusting and equal a lot of bad fashion sooo I don’t really care what they do to the rules because it won’t change my experience.
    oh, and can you believe they’re trying to get a STRING QUARTET to play at the entrance!  HAHAHA trying to make senior ball classy…. good luck.

  12. hmm with these new “dance” rules…how else are we supposed to dance? like square dancing or tango? (not everyone knows how to do that) cuz from the dances that ive been to, ive noticed that our generation’s form of dancing is what they term “freaking,” just like in the older generations its been swing or whatever…and back then they considered swing to be sexually suggestive and immoral…so maybe its just a generational thing…they always tend to look down on the younger generations and condemn our forms of artistic expression….i personally dont see how freak dancing is necessarily immoral….except if it makes a guy “stumble” (aka making him think dirty thots, etc)….cuz in that case id see how its immoral….but otherwise its completely fine…just a form of generational creativity…so i dont see how adults would have the right to outlaw a particular form/style of dancing when they themselves danced just as “dirty” back in their days….or maybe hilleslands liberalized my thinking too much??

  13. Anonymous permalink

    ^ Nay, not liberalized.  I think you’re approaching the subject wrong, though.  (Liberlization is freakin’ sweet in my book, FYI).
    Freaking (at it’s core) is a sexual outlet.  It is a way for us to express our sexuality by rubbing one another in inappropriate ways.  Certainly it can just be a form of dance, but the movements are too similar-  the thinking can only follow.
    I highly doubt a guy can be freaking and not think “dirty” thoughts, so to speak. 
    Can’t say for sure, never done it, but I’ve managed to dance at every dance without freaking.  Can’t imagine how that happened.

  14. “Woah, woah, hold the presses here. I believe that is the single MOST graphic thing I’ve ever read on Wobbles’ xanga! “So, um, Mindy and I are definitely delinquents under this law, in addition to, I don’t know, EVERYONE”. That’s downright steamy for a Wobbles conversation, let alone a Wobbles post! Haha…”Damon’s comment should give you some idea of how little I stray from the beaten path. Maybe it’s a little pretentious of me to use myself as a litmus test, but I figure if a guy like me can’t do what he wants to do at a dance, there’s something severely wrong with the system. That’s all.Also, I don’t condone freaking, but I think this is a horrible way of trying to stop it.

  15. Permision Granted.

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