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March 5, 2006

On a lighter note (well, I guess that’s a matter of perspective, really), I had my first two track meets on Wednesday and Saturday. The first one was a regular meet between us, Ponderosa, and I think Roseville. The mile went pretty well for my first meet–I didn’t get my official time, but it was definitely within a couple of seconds of 5:20. My two-mile did not go so well–got beaten by both a Ponderosa girl and a freshman guy on our team. But then the girl went on to win the two-mile at the Clark Massey Invitational on Saturday, so that made me feel better. And that freshman guy is quite good; I probably wouldn’t have beaten him even at the top of my game.

The only crappy thing about the meet was that it naturally fell on that day when it hailed. It started pouring down really suddenly, so I was lucky to get under the cover of the roof overhang on the new building next to the track. It was actually kind of cool watching the hail come down two feet in front of me, bouncing like popcorn off the grass. It was also pretty cool to see the long jump pit, which they didn’t bother to cover before the hail started, immersed under about six inches of water. Some of the track members were trying to get the water out using shovels and the rake they use to smooth out the sand. Obviously, they weren’t making much progress. I don’t know how they finally drained it, but when I saw it again at the end of the meet, the water was gone. The sand was still packed hard, of course, but fortunately we have two jumping pits, and one of them had been covered, so they were able to use the other one. The pole-vaulters weren’t so lucky—I’m pretty sure they had to jump on the soaking wet pad the entire meet.

It seemed like they had to cancel it at this point, but after the hail postponed the meet about half an hour or so, the skies soon became completely clear. Still, it was very cold, and I had forgotten my sweats, so I just had my green jacket and shorts. Fortunately, my mom came and gave me some warmer clothes (they were coming to watch the choir concert anyway).

The second meet, the invitational, was the relay meet at Cordova (where I met Marge two years ago!). Now that was a good meet. Although I always like this meet because the relays are a nice change from the normal lineup of events, it’s usually frustrating because it takes forever—the bus left at 7:30 in the morning and came back at almost 7:00 in the evening. For some reason, it wasn’t frustrating this time. Part of it, I’m sure, is that I’m just used to it. I even warmed up a lot later than usual, which turned out to still be a little early, but at least I somewhat remembered how long each event would take (around an hour for every running event, so 20 minutes for each division—frosh-soph boys, varsity girls, and varsity boys). And I didn’t feel worried about getting to my event on time or anything. But it was also that the weather was quite nice, even warm at times in the morning. And also that this is the last time I’ll ever go to this meet (sniff…). And my races went quite well. I got a 2:17 in the half-mile, a two second PR, for the 4X800 with Jake, Keyvan, and Jason as my teammates. My 1200 in the distance medley wasn’t quite as good, being my second event, but I still got a 3:49, which is pretty close to five-minute mile pace. Tommy, Jake, Jason and I even almost medaled for that one. I’m glad everything went so well… this is how I want to remember this meet.

A large portion of the team went to Mongolian Grill after we got back. It looked like we were going to take up all their space, but there actually ended up being a lot left, especially after we crammed nine people—me, Casey, Danielle, Peggy, Sean, Tommy, Jessica, Suzy, and our team manager Nick—around one table meant for four people. Those booths are actually pretty roomy, though, and it wasn’t as uncomfortable as you’d think. The food, of course, was great. They even had some new cake square things in addition to the Jell-O squares and soft serve ice cream. And it got me thinking how little I’ve really hung out with and gotten to know the members of my team, even though I see them every day, some of them for years.

These meets also raised the question of whether I should even keep doing the two-mile. Last year I did the two-mile all the time, and I didn’t really get anywhere. I think that’s mostly because I usually did the mile and the two-mile at the same meet, and I’d always be tired by the time I got to the two-mile.

And not just physically tired, either. I find that the less I focus on a race, the better I do on it. That’s why I did so well at the half-mile this last meet, I think. Even when I was warming up, I wasn’t thinking about the race. I was just admiring the scenery of Cordova’s campus. And it’s hard not to focus on a race when you just ran one, which means if I do want to do the two-mile, I should have some meets where that’s all I do. And I don’t really want to do that.

On the other hand, if I do the mile and half-mile, I think I can have some fairly steady improvement, and hopefully finally get that sub-five-minute mile.


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  1. how i hate the half-mile!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (and always manage to be put in it somehow…)  IT’S THE DEVIL.
    and, i definitely do better at ANY race when i’m not thinking about it or are too worried about being late for something else that i need to leave for right after my event.  however, i rarely am not putting pressure on myself so…

  2. lol! well, im glad that you are having somewhat of a good track season! 😛 hope that things keep going well for ya! have a great day!

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