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March 7, 2006

Yeah, so my mom was right. I’m in!!! Sweet…

Right now I’m just hanging out in the dorm where I’m staying overnight. My overnight program host is a junior named Gary in the Clark Kerr dorms, and he seems pretty cool. So does Chris, another Regents’ and Chancellor’s scholarship potential recipient staying in the same dorm. Gary’s doing his Chinese homework right now, so he just told me I could use his computer to do whatever while he finishes that up. Now this is the REAL college experience…

I did manage to come to class until fourth period today, for anyone who was confused. Then I went home, packed, and left about 1:45 or so. It was kind of frustrating when we got here because we weren’t really sure where we were supposed to drop off my stuff before going to Sproul Hall for a pizza dinner, the first event on the list. After much confusion, we were eventually redirected to Sproul Hall–they actually gave everyone the opportunity to drop off their stuff at the place we were eating, and then we went back to the dorms to drop it off there. So I wound up getting there almost a half hour late, which was really embarrassing because they were already at dinner, and they had to send someone down to meet me at the central plaza. Fortunately, they had a lot of student volunteers, so I didn’t really put anyone off… Once I actually got there, everything was a lot cooler. The pizza was as delicious as the invitation claimed, and I got to meet a few of my fellow scholars, as well as some of Gary’s fellow hosts. After we brought our stuff back, we had a little over to kill before the main hosts took us on a tour, so we played some ping pong, and I embarrassed myself some more, but in a less aggravating way.

The tour in the evening was very interesting of course; I got to learn all about the Berkeley culture, including one area called Faculty Grove but more commonly known as 4.0 Hill. The legend is that if you don’t roll down the hill every semester, you won’t get a 4.0 that semester. They told the tale of a famous student who excelled in every respect–valedictorian of his class, you know, the works–who thought he was too good to roll down the hill. He got one A- that semester, and at Berkeley, and A- gets you 3.7 rather than four points. But after that he learned his lesson, and he rolled down the hill every semester after that and maintained a 4.0.

So after they told the story, they invited all of us to roll down the hill. However, it had rained that day, and the grass was still quite wet, so nobody seemed too keen on doing it. I wasn’t sure if I was willing to do it or not–I was wearing a good waterproof jacket (that bright green one), but my pants would still get pretty wet. I wanted to see someone else do it before I tried, so I just waited. But not one person was going, even with all the pressuring from our two tour guides, who were telling everyone that there was always someone in every OHP group who would roll down the hill. So somehow, I became the first to volunteer, and I threw myself to the ground and rolled at breakneck speed. I was really dizzy and wet when I got up. Then everyone asked me how wet I was, and I said, “Pretty wet.” Because I was pretty wet, you see. After a few people felt my pants (not in a weird way) to see just how wet I was, several other people went for it as well. I felt like such a trendsetter. It was awesome.

Of course, I’m sitting here a few hours later and my pants are still wet, so that’s not so awesome.

I’ve got a bit more to say, but I’ll save it for later.


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  1. so you are going to go to Berkeley next year?

  2. Anonymous permalink

    haha chris you are awesome at rolling down hills

  3. Anonymous permalink

    Congrats Chris!!
    umm… about rolling down that hill… i think they were just playing with you.  but  whatev, right?  : )
    anyways, I better see you wearing a Berkeley sweatshirt tomorrow!!  Gotta represent (*in my most ghetto voice*)!  ahahaha!!  : )

  4. Mindy, that’s the kind of tightwad thinking that will get you nowhere in Berkeley.  Heh heh.
    The 4.0 Hill is definitely real.  I told Gary about it when we were done, and he knew immediately what I was talking about.  Unless those two girls really planned this out and covered all their bases telling everyone about this joke and that they have to keep it a secret, it is a real Berkeley cultural icon.  And if they were going to do that, they could have come up with something a little more elaborate.
    But that wouldn’t make sense anyway, because the whole “punk’d” thing doesn’t really work unless you tell them they got punk’d afterward.

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