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March 18, 2006

Because it’s a popular thing to post song lyrics here, here’s a song I’ve always liked.  It’s pretty “emo,” as they like to say.  I’ve edited sections of it out for length and so that you’ll have to guess where it comes from.  Enjoy:

“I touch the fire and it freezes me.
I look into it and it’s black

Why can’t I feel?
My skin should crack and peel.
I want the fire back.

Now through the smoke she calls to me,
To make my way across the flame,

To save the day, or maybe melt away.
I guess it’s all the same.

So I will walk through the fire,
‘Cause where else can I turn?
I will walk through the fire, And let it…”

“The torch I bear is scorching me
She is laughing, I’ve no doubt
I hope she fries
I’m free if that bitch dies.
I better help her out.

Cause she is drawn to the fire
Some people…
Will never learn

And she will walk through the fire,
And let it…”

“Will this do a thing to change her?
Am I leaving her in danger?
Is she too far gone to care?”

“What if she can’t defeat it?”

“Yes, he’s right, we’re needed
Or we could just sit around and glare.”

“We’ll see it through
It’s what we’re always here to do
So we will walk through the fire…”

“She came from the grave much graver”

“First he’ll kill her, and then I’ll save her”

“Everything is turning out so dark.”

“No, I’ll save her, and then I’ll kill her”

“I think this line’s mostly filler”

“What’s it going to take to strike a spark?”

“So one by one they turn from me
I guess my friends can’t face the cold

But why I froze, not one among them knows
And never can be told.

These endless days are finally ending in a blaze

And we are caught in the fire

The point of no return

So we will walk through the fire
And let it…burn…

Let it burn…

Let it burn.”


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  1. I chuckled when I found where this was from. I’m off to find a suitable mp3 to quench my curiosity, and I’ll leave you with this anagram: maverip.

  2. ooh i know! i remembered the song but it took me a few minutes to recall where i’d heard it. it’s from that show the whole family used to watch until i got irritated with the characters’ stupidity and stopped watching, then made fun of the rest of you guys for watching…right?

  3. whoaa is this usher? no probably not b/c last time i checked i’m pretty sure he’s not “emo” but i just saw the last few words…

  4. Yep, that’s the one.

  5. SPOILER ALERT. Buffy the musical. I am without words in awe of the dorkiness. (chuckle-chuckle)

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