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March 20, 2006

And the research paper is done!

I suppose it’s a bit ludicrous at this point, but if anyone’s still up and for some reason is cruising Xanga at 3 in the morning, and for some even weirder reason is willing to read a 10-page essay and check it for errors, give me a comment or e-mail me at  Cool stuff.


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  1. e-mail sent baby

  2. why were you in the library though? did your printer malfunction?

  3. I caught one more mistake reading it over in Calculus.  Forgot to cite the page number on something I quoted from the book.  You can bet I loved myself at that moment… anyway, I probably should have just cut my losses and gone to class on time rather than risk the entire 250 points, but hey, it all worked out.
    Yeah, that’s the kind of thing you were supposed to catch, David.  Thanks a lot.  No, just kidding, I’m still quite pleased I found someone to read it.  How’d yours work out, by the way?

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