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March 27, 2006

What’s so bad about being two-faced, anyway? Sure, it’s deceptive, but it’s even more deceptive to lie about what you think of a person to everyone instead of just to that person. On the other end, is it better to be completely honest to everyone and therefore be openly hostile to everyone you don’t like?

Neither dishonesty nor hostility is acceptable to most people, but unless you don’t think poorly of anyone, those are your only two options. Being “two-faced” is just one of the many equally unacceptable balances between the two.

It’s basically just saying, “I hate your guts, but since other people think otherwise, I recognize that my opinion may be wrong, and I will therefore put on a good front and try to get along with you as well as I can.”

Well, it needs a justification, anyway, as widespread as it is.


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  1. What’s more important–who you show to the world or who you really are?Golden means are boring, though; jump back and forth from extreme to extreme, like me.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Chris! I heard you might be coming to Berkeley next year. That should be exciting. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

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