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March 29, 2006

“…Hey, what?  Where’s The Boondocks?… It isn’t here.  Where the heck is The Boondocks?”

“They got rid of it?”

“I guess so.  I don’t see it anywhere.  Looks like it got replaced by this other strip.  The Pajama Diaries.”

“See if they said anything about it on the other pages.  They usually say something when they change it around.”

“This is crap.  The Boondocks was only one of the best strips on here.”

“Eh, I didn’t care for it that much.  It’s kind of a strip for young people.”

“There are so many other strips they could have taken out first.  Like For Better or For Worse.  That strip sucks.”

“Yeah, see?  That’s a strip that old people like.”

“What the heck!  Old people suck!  Why do they only have strips for old people?”

“Because young people never read the newspaper.”

“Young people suck!  Young people suck and old people suck!  Everyone sucks!  I hate everything!”

Then I looked at Fox Trot, which informed me that Aaron McGruder is in fact “on hiatus.”  Oops.

But I’m still bitter.  It’s always the best strips that are short-lived, like Calvin and Hobbes.  Meanwhile, strips like Family Circus continue to run the same crappy jokes over and over in slightly different forms.  “Ha ha!  That kid just mispronounced a commonly used word by mixing it with another commonly used word!  Ohhh man, it’s so hilarious and cute how stupid kids are!”

Well, I suppose it’s better that he takes a break or stops entirely before the strip runs WAY past its prime like Garfield.  (Jim Davis does not do outdoor scenes anymore.  Take ten random samples from the newspaper over the next few weeks–see if even one has anything in the background other than wall.  And a good half of the strips center around how much of a loser Jon is and his inability to get a date.)  I have to wonder how these strips stay in the paper.  You’d think that with cities nationwide printing a lot of the same strips, the market for strips would be on a national level also–that is to say, very competitive.  I shouldn’t ever have to look at a comic strip in the Sacramento Bee and say, “I could write something better than that.”  Maybe I will.  Well, I would if I could draw cartoons, anyway.

Oh well, I’ve wasted enough of your time with a particularly self-indulgent post, so I’ll stop here.  Also, if anyone has any good poetry ideas, I’d be glad to hear them.


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  1. Ya but The Boondocks has its own TV show, so it doesn’t need to run in every newspaper. Although, I have to agree, most of the comics now suck. I only Like Get Fuzzy, Zits, Dilbert, Boondocks, and occasionally Luann is funny. But Mark Trail can go because it’s not even interesting.

  2. I’ve gotten so used to skipping Mark Trail, I forgot it was even still in there.
    My list is about the same as that, except I would add Fox Trot just because nerd humor appeals to me.  (Maybe I should start reading web comics.)  Non Sequitur can also be good.

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