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April 1, 2006

Well, didn’t get into Stanford.  I guess my eighteen-year-long winning streak had to end somewhere.  It’s refreshing, in a way.

So that about settles it for sure, it’s Berkeley!  Although Santa Cruz is offering me about $20,000 more overall in scholarships.  Hm…

Track meet tomorrow–the Depth Charge, right here on our track.  I will be running the mile and half mile, most likely.  I’m feeling pretty confident, especially for the half mile, because in our workouts I’ve been getting faster and faster.  That doesn’t mean very much for longer races, but it should translate to some better times in the shorter ones.  I’m going to go for a 2:14.

Our varsity guys track team is getting even sorrier.  Tommy’s been out all week recovering from an illness, and he doesn’t know if he’ll even keep doing it.  Trevor and Ricardo have both been missing pretty much all week as well.  That leaves, let’s see… me, Jake, and Alex.  Wow, is that right?  I must be leaving someone out… no, I think that’s about it.

Saw the musical last weekend, which was a strong note to end on in my four years of high school, probably the best Folsom High play I’ve seen.  Justin and Rachelle were both amazing.  Best supporting actor goes to Tony–Cogsworth was just perfect for him.  Only problem was the sound–couldn’t hear the singing over the orchestra way too often.

Jason’s “surprise” birthday party was also last weekend, although one of his friends burst the bubble weeks before.  We ate pizza and cake at Round Table, then headed off to the hotel room that his mom rented us and stayed up late swimming in the pool and playing Mario Party 4 and Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, courtesy of my Gamecube.  Kind of a weird thing to do for your kid’s birthday, but it all turned out great–Jason said it was probably the best birthday he’s had.

In terms of single-player video games, I’m still working on Fire Emblem–those battles can take a ridiculously long time, especially since there’s no way to revive your characters if they fall, which means you have to be very meticulous in your strategy.  I’ve also gotten back into the horrendously addictive Minesweeper, which I haven’t played for years, I think.  I’ve still got it–in only a few minutes of playing, I scored what I believe is my lifetime best for the Beginner level–nine seconds.  Single digits, baby.  For those who don’t know Minesweeper, that’s like running the 100m in nine seconds.  For those who don’t know track, that’s really really fast.

EDIT: Oh, wait just got eight seconds!  That’s right, eight!



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  1. That’s because the orchestra was just so awesome.  Especially Trevor who sat behind me and had the best case of the giggles during every show.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    I guess my good luck hug wasn’t truly lucky.  : (
    When you go to berkeley, I’ll be sure to drop by for a visit.  You better do the same if you’re ever down in SD.

  3. Anonymous permalink

    i feel better about my rejection now, berkeleys high acceptance rate gave me false hope

  4. Congratulations on Berkeley!

  5. Anonymous permalink

    You’re coming to Berkeley!!!! You’re coming here and you didn’t think to tell me!!! Stupid stupid boy…how’d they every let you in???? haha…just kidding. We all know you are the brightest one of them all! Let me know when you visit Berk so we can meet up and have lunch or something…are you coming for Cal Day??? AHHH! I’m soooo excited!!!!

  6. Hahaa, minesweeper. Have you completed the Expert level yet?

  7. Intermediate: 59
    Expert: 240
    That’s in the last couple weeks.  I think my lifetime best for the expert level was a bit under 200… 192 or something.

  8. Update- Intermediate: 42

  9. Update- Expert: 206

  10. Update- Expert: 185
    Geez, I’m an addict.  I think I’ll call it a night.

  11. congratulations!
    my question: who the hell do they let into Stanford??!

  12. My friend said that a lot of the people at Stanford are not really that academically successful in most cases–there’s a much heavier emphasis on being super-committed to extracurriculars and community service and things like that.  Anyway, it’s easier to accept the rejection when you consider the kinds of people that other private schools have accepted (all you other flaming liberals out there know what I’m talking about).  Cal’s a REAL school, where people go to get an education, not to become famous and powerful by learning how to manipulate the system in their favor.  Heh heh.  Oh yeah, and Berkeley’s discovered 16 of the elements on the periodic table, including plutonium, and know how many Stanford’s discovered?  That’s right, NONE!  Wha haha!

  13. Anonymous permalink

    i spent a whole summer on minesweeper but i forgot my scores. all i know is peggy somehow got like 3 seconds on beginner and it made me quit. thanks for he analysis haha… care to take my ap test for me?

  14. Anonymous permalink

    you captured only half of my essence though =P

  15. I will see you at school, then.

  16. Beginner: 5
    Expert: 174

  17. Expert: 166

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