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April 9, 2006

Wow, I have four people on my subscriptions who go to Berkeley.  So, I’m going to make this entry my “which residence hall should Chris go to” discussion.  If you know anything about any of the dorms, any information you can give me would be great.  Thanks!


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  1. haha,very resourceful of you. Right now i’m living at Unit 1 Deutsch. If you really want the experience of “dorm life” i would recommend it along with practically any building in unit 1-3. There’s usually around 30 people on a floor who share a communal co-ed bathroom unless you request otherwise for an all guys floor. The residents are mainly freshmen, but you’ll get some sophmores. It’s a very social environment, you’ll get to meet lots of people and there’s always something going on. i’ve really liked it and i’ve met lots of people too. But if you’re looking at Clark Kerr it’s a little different. They have their own gym, track, dining facility, etc. It’s like a separate entity from the rest of the student housing. It has the reputation of being where the athletes live and also the best food if that’s important to you. It’s kind of far from campus which means you just have to leave a little earlier or time it so you catch a bus, and it’s also the most expensive out of the housing offered. But all my friends at Clark Kerr say they really like it and I think it’s a nice place too. hope that helped, let me know if you have any other questions. And congrats on everything too. I heard you got a regents here and are also one of the valedictorians. Have a good break and have fun finishing up senior year. Looking forward to seeing you next year.

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Well, David pretty much summed it up. I’m living in Unit 3, which is an older building, so the rooms aren’t quite as nice, but it’s in a more central location on the south side. Units 1 and 2 are basically the same, except that Unit 2 is a couple more blocks away from campus. I can honestly say that the best friends I’ve made here live on my floor. Clark Kerr, like David said, is a little farther from campus than the other residence areas, and it’s mostly uphill, but it’s definitely a nice place to live. If you’re going to be taking engineering classes, most of them are quite close to Foothill. But neither Clark Kerr nor Foothill will get you quite the same “dorm experience” as the units. I hope that helps!

  3. I live in Foothill, the aptly named “country club” of the Berkeley Dorms. It has transformed me into an introvert, there is a beast hill to walk up, and if you are taking any liberal arts classes, everything is 10 minutes walk away. It’s quiet though. 😀

  4. Anonymous permalink

    haha…looks like i”m the last one. I live in the same building as Abe…I know…crazy. Unlike him, I don’t really have any friends on my floor…most of them came through organizations I became involved in on campus…or through classes. Unit 3 is the newest Unit…but the last to be renovated…so pretty much it is the oldest unit. haha. I’m not a huge fan, mostly because it IS known as the “party dorm” so the people who apply for Unit 3, generally apply with that knowledge in mind. The rooms are QUITE small, and Clark Kerr definitely has bigger rooms…but Clark Kerr is also ridiculously far from campus. As long as you don’t mind taking the bus and walking a lot you’ll be fine there…although it is hard to get in. They have really good food too, since it is the athlete’s dorm. I wouldn’t recommend Unit 3, though the one thing I LOVE about it, is that it is a block away from campus…and let me tell you, its in the heart of everything. If you are looking for quiet Clark Kerr and Foothill are where you want to be. Foothill in my mind is the better option…it is closer to campus, and depending on what you’re doing, it will be closer to your classes. Take me for example…I’m taking all science/math classes, and so all my classes are 10 minutes away because I live near the liberal arts buildings. So basic rule: liberal arts — live on south side. Science/Engineering (or if you want peace and quiet) — live in Foothill. And if you want good food and big rooms, and don’t mind a walk — live in Clark Kerr. It’s all about what is important to you. It’s all give and take… you win some you lose some. haha. Okay I hope this helps…and this has gone on long enough now, so I’m gunna stop. 🙂 Hope to see you soon! Are you coming for Cal DAY???

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