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April 19, 2006

Thinking really is a dangerous pastime.  I’ve been staring at the same page of The Power Game for the last 20 minutes (no joke) because I’ve got too many of these annoying little thoughts buzzing around my head.  I could really use a pensieve right about now.


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  1. lol that always happens to me!

  2. Anonymous permalink

    Umm…I hate to break it to you, but…pensieves don’t actually exist.You’re right, though, thinking can be dangerous. Sometimes just before I go to sleep I let my mind wander, and every so often I realize something that bothers me so much I can’t sleep anymore. You know, one of those feelings that you don’t understand why you get but it bugs the hell out of you all the same? Maybe it’s just me.

  3. First of all bwahahaha Ive infiltrated your Blog!I seem to be having the opposite problem, lately if I ever [i]stop[/i] thinking about something i start falling asleep, this may be related to my newfound ability to sleep at strange times in strange places. This merits further study.

  4. I listened to your message, Mr. Chris, but it was too late. I work on the weekends at home (because I am lame) and I am really sorry that I couldn’t meet up with you at Cal.We will meet (I swear) eventually, for I can feel it in my weak bones.

  5. I do as well!

  6. You’ve been THINKING?!! You stop that this instant God damn it!!! >:-O

  7. Anonymous permalink

    Tag, you’re it!! : )

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