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May 19, 2006

Aaaagh!!  SO close… so close… just one academic award away from double digits over my high school career.  I guess I definitely wasn’t as much on my game this year as I have been in the past… but then again, who is?  I do still have a perfect record in math–all four years–so that’s something.  Mr. Chayo rocks.  I really wasn’t sure if I was going to get it this year, because I’m “not at my usual caliber,” as he told me at various times during the year.  Close shave–I might not have even gotten to attend this year.  That would have really sucked.

Got a lot more to look forward to in the near future… who’s going to Junior-Senior Picnic?  Last year was so much fun… but then, that was back when my college friends were still here… I seriously miss you guys.  This year really wasn’t as fantastic as I expected after all, but I think a lot of that is because I didn’t have those Saturday nights to look forward to every now and then.

We need to do things this summer.  Not just my college friends, either.  Everyone.  It’s finally starting to catch up to me now–only two weeks left.  Next year it’s going to be that void from this year times ten, and I better get my fill while I can.


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  1. no next year will not have the void this year had, you’ll have so many new random things going on in your life that it won’t feel empty. and if it ever does, you can just think of the street “manlove” and giggle to yourself. haha oh and TAG you’re it now (is this freeze tag or just regular?)

  2. Manlove…haaa 😛

  3. Anonymous permalink

    haha actually … i just recorded it, pikachu did all the talking and being stupid =)

  4. ummmmmmm Chris:
    deja vu??

  5. Yeah I’ve missed those Saturday nights, too – but read on if you want to explore a thought that is damn depressing…It wouldn’t really matter if we did stuff over summer. Just think: when I’ve come back and we’ve hung out, many things have been the same for you. You were still brilliant Wobbles, doing AP in high school, running cross country or track. You still lived at home with your parents, and your long term goal of graduating and going to the school of your preference were all the same. You were still on the inside of the Folsom bubble.I don’t mean this in a demeaning manner. On the contrary – god how I sometimes miss the Folsom bubble. I’m sure all of your departed friends do… and that is just what they are: Departed. – For me coming home and hanging out has been a very different proposition.For when we return home, though we miss it and may still love it, it isn’t exactly home anymore. Even if college has not changed who we are in a personal sense, circumstances have changed – the place ‘home’ is not in the same context it was during the entire period of our lives in which we resided there before. And no one can get put it back in that context, nor would it be natural if they could.Yet it sucks some of the life out of the thing… Whereas before (it seemed) we were stills in time, none of us leaving the next day, or the next or the next, now I am home for the weekend or what not before we go off in our own directions again. The thought in the back of the mind, even if not acknowledged, remains known. We’re all different people heading different directions in life – and somehow any Saturday nights of the future will always bear that mark: the mark of not being how you remember it.It’s not that college isn’t great, because people will tell you it is, and I’m one of them – but is it wrong to miss a wonderful thing passed?So yes – truly enjoy your summer, Wobbles. I think for all of your friends who graduated last year it just sort of slipped by, the last wisp of something about to be long gone. And you’ve earned it.

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