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May 31, 2006

“Great leaders are nothing without great followers.”

-Me, or perhaps adapted from a quote I subconsciously remember

Wise followers are this world’s unsung heroes.  People can spend so much time forging their own path that they ignore the perfectly blazed one right in front of them, slowly becoming overgrown again from disuse.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    awww… that is such good advice… but… I’m pretty sure I’m too dense to listen to it.  I like forging my own path.  It’s hard, frustrating work, but it’s what I like.  Thanks though.  : )

  2. Anonymous permalink

    you know, that is an awesome justification for why im not a leader. its not the lack of self-confidence or initiative. i dont lead because i hate overgrowth and i dont like a good path to go to waste. im following you to cal =) oh yeah and if we go for a run your path might be overgrown by the time i catch up =P

  3. Whether you’re the first person or the last person to walk on it, whether it’s paved with cement or hidden by the brush, take whatever path works for you personally.

  4. What if you’re leading down a pre-blazen trail? Then you make lead and keep something from being forgotten.Seriously, though – Wobbles, you have the potential to be a natural born leader. Think about that for a second…(And sorry about my last comment coming late – first time I tried to post it Safari crashed and I was annoyed and resigned to write it later )

  5. Words well spoken

  6. I don’t know, I always think of myself as more of a right-hand man.

  7. Which now that I think about it, works perfectly into that pre-blazen trail thing.  Figure out who the true leaders are, and try to lead people down their paths.  That I think I could do.

  8. good piece of advice
    i’d have said, “be number 2 in the line then knock out the first guy when he finds something knew”

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