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June 1, 2006

Current Minesweeper scores:

Beginner: 5

Intermediate: 42

Expert: 163


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  1. I didn’t take french because I know I’ll be able to do better on it if I take it in the fall. As for the SATIs, I took them and got 120 points less than you, tho I’m retaking them on Saturday. I guess I’ll see you at graduation!

  2. BTW, congrats on the beginner score, my best is 8.

  3. Of course not – I’ll always enjoy your company Wobbles. I was just getting at the funky place that, I think, you will be experiencing soon (just like the rest of us).We all miss the old times. France was before we were really hit that point. And Winter Break was fun, of course.It’s not just that we won’t have old times, it’s not just that you won’t be “at home”. That’s just one way of looking at the fact of how we’re all headed in separate directions. I was positing that you were still in the fossil, the freeze frame in time that is high school. Once that ends, it’s kind of an inescapable feeling that has been screwing up the enjoyment we got out of times before.At least for me…But then that’s kind of the fallout we all suffer from, in my opinion. It’s not all so fatalistic – we always knew things can’t stay the same (we just can’t feel it). Us long gone ‘seniors’ of yore are just in the process of figuring where the next step is. Things are different, of course, but maybe they could be better? Or just different. Takes adjusting though, I suppose.And I really miss the hell out of it myself. It was the best escape I could imagine. It so easy to get sucked up into the school of high school, but I felt like I never got too sucked into it, and those Saturday nights removed from it were a big part of that. It was always great while it was going on, and in memory it seems really cool and incredible. We were a very unusual group of guys, yourself included, and it made for some very singular fun. I’m glad you felt like it was a place to divert yourself from a lot of the crap that consumes us (and in my opinion is not really experiencing life – much more-so experiencing life was the Saturday nights).Somehow I think it did transcend Folsom – which is fucking awesome. Folsom’s just one small town like the rest of suburban America where there ain’t shit to do at night.But with an eye on the future, I submit that you have to come visit this San Francisco, where we’ll have more fun just shooting the breeze and doing and saying random shit that no one in the world could predict 8-)But screw them anyway – they don’t even know what they’re missing…

  4. yay i beat ur beginner score by 2 sec!

  5. Expert: 122

  6. Anonymous permalink

    I’ve never gotten through an expert round without making a stupid mistake and having to start over.

  7. What?!!  Angie, you freakin’ liar!  Aw… okay, you win.  I surrender.  Geez, take the fun out of it, why don’t you.

  8. I’m not even lying! How daare you call me that >.<Hah, I beat you at something. And that’s probably the only thing 😛

  9. Beginner: 3 (tied with Peggy, just took a bit… no, a lot of patience)
    Intermediate: 34 (did you top that yet, Angie?  Huh?)

  10. Grr, Chris. You’re making me give up my flags in trying to top you.
    Intermediate: 40
    I’ll get you yet.

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