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June 1, 2006

Eat your hearts out, fellow Berkeleyites, I got my double at Clark Kerr!  Have fun in your cramped, noisy quarters, suckers!  Wha haha!

Graduation today.  Probably should get in a nap first to prepare for Sober Grad.  Hopefully it’ll be a worthy wrap-up of the year.

Senior breakfast this morning pretty much sucked… I didn’t even get there that late, and there were plenty of people behind me, but by the time I got up there only sausage and eggs were left, and the eggs were about to run out too.  Someone said, “There were a bunch of people who ate a LOT…”  Well, yeah!  We’re seniors!  This is one of the hungriest times of our lives!  So I just had my Atkins breakfast, hung out and watched the slide show, which wound up being cool enough.

Senior editions came out… last newspaper of my high school career.  I did the colleges, real world fears, and underclassmen advice, so if you looked through it and thought “wow, these three sections look awesome, like they were laid out by a total stud,” that would be why.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t look over every page… if I had, I might have caught Andy’s “kung fu looking hand gestures” being replaced with “kung fu 100 king hand gestures.”  Hahahaha… sounds like a special move, like E. Honda’s Hundred Hand Slap.  You know, from Street Fighter… oh, never mind.  Yeah, sorry if you were going to put that on your own blog, Andy, I just thought that was pretty hilarious.

The yearbook, I have to admit, looks pretty good too, but I’m still peeved about them not listing me as “not pictured” for the Homecoming Court picture… now I’ll never have proof to show my grandkids that I was ever a Homecoming Prince.  Well… except for various pictures… and the crown… and that big black sash I got that says “Homecoming Prince” on it… well, the point is, I’m angry.  But I haven’t met the person who did that page, so I can’t really give him crap about it.

Kicked some serious butt on my last calculus final, got a freaking huge valedictorian medal and a plaque for achievement in science and math at Cum Laude, as well as recognition for my Regents’ and Chancellor’s scholarship and lifetime CSF membership.  And another plaque for four years’ contribution to FHS track at the banquet last Monday.  Basically, the last couple of weeks have been awesome.  I’ve had tons to do every afternoon, and yet I wasn’t rushed, stressed, or tired.  I mean, that’s ideal for me, to have plenty to do without feeling busy, you know?  I don’t know how anyone could not enjoy the end of this year.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    I have my own room next year, so there. (Plus I’m paying less than half of what you’re paying.) I guess I’m not a “sucker.”That plaque you got at Cum Laude sounds familiar…

  2. Anonymous permalink

    well, I actually hope I get placed in cramped noisy quarters!  Aren’t you the least bit disappointed that you won’t be sharing a crowded floor with a bunch of girls? ahahaha!

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