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June 6, 2006

Update on my summer:

I was going to get my wisdom teeth removed yesterday, but with all the partying I’ve been doing (Sober Grad, Jason’s grad party, Katie’s grad party) I wound up with my second cold of the year, which means I had to reschedule for the end of the summer.  Pretty lame… my immune system picks the absolute worst times to fail, like during finals week.  I should really make myself sick on purpose a couple weeks before important dates like this, but it never occurs to me at the time… So anyway, the rest of my summer is going something like this:

A couple weeks from now: go to San Diego one last time and move my sister’s stuff out of her apartment, and attend her graduation most likely.  Then probably a small window of me being back home until:

June 29: go to Portland to visit my grandmother, come back Independence Day

July 9: go to Hawaii to visit all my relatives like I do every summer, but this time also to go to my sister’s wedding on the 28th.  My trip this time will also most likely include a brief stay at Maui with my uncle as his graduation gift to me.  Come back night of August 8.

August 10: 2nd attempt for having my wisdom teeth removed (yeah, one day after my plane trip home.  Well, what are you gonna do?)  As soon as I recover from that, I’ll probably be going directly to Berkeley.

So basically, really busy all summer, and if you wanna hang out, the best time is this two-week window that just opened up right now.  Don’t worry, my cold isn’t really that bad–my sicknesses are usually just annoyances that pass in a couple days at most.  I don’t even have a cough or anything, and I sneeze maybe once an hour or something.  Congestion more than anything.  Well, hope your summers are going well, and don’t forget to vote, people.


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  1. I’m sick too! FUCK BEING SICK >

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