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June 7, 2006

There were SO many people whose underclassman advice was, “Don’t get caught up in all the drama.”  I thought that was really crappy advice for how many times it appeared.  I mean, what is high school without the drama?

…My life, that’s what.

No, shut up.  If you get to complain about the drama, I get to complain about the lack thereof.  That’s the rule.

Although, none of us should be complaining, seeing as we all brought it on ourselves.


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  1. haha that would be my life, too.  and yes, we DO have the right to complain about it!!!

  2. Haha, what is life without drama?That was rhetorical, but I want to answer it, and say flour. It’s tasteless.

  3. high school drama defines high school. without it, we don’t have cliques like the jocks, the cheerleaders, the nerds, etc. it’s actually not that bad at our school. there’s only a weak wall at best between people of different cliques

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