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June 16, 2006

I’ve played video games so much in the last week that I’m surprised I haven’t gone blind yet.  Hung out with Andy and company and played a lot of Smash Bros.  Hung out with Greg, Tony, and Brendan and played hours of DDR, Donkey Konga, Chuchu Rocket, and Super Puzzle Fighter, the last of which was insanely addicting, bringing me back to the days of Tetris at Anna’s New Year’s parties.  Pulled what may have been the longest all-nighter of my life a few days ago at Matt Barger’s house with Matt Hacker and Greg attempting to beat The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures in a single night.  More multiplayer madness.  After picking up a memory card at Greg’s and a 24 pack of Mountain Dew, which we almost depleted despite that I only had one, we started around 10:00 and went to about 8:00.  We might have done it if it hadn’t been for a couple times when someone accidentally turned off or pulled their Game Boy out of the plug before we saved, which means you have to restart the level all over again.  But we didn’t, which meant I found myself at Greg’s house again with Ashley Fruhwirth taking Matt Hacker’s place to finish the job.  The ending sucked, but it didn’t matter–it was still glorious.  And then yesterday I went to David’s shindig for more DDR, more Smash Bros, more Donkey Konga, some Mario Kart, some Mario Tennis, some NBA Jam (I think it was that franchise, anyway… it’s the one with the Mario characters in it), some Starcraft (except I had no idea how to play), and after everyone else went home, wrapped up the night with two-player Kirby on the Super NES.

Summer… is wonderful.

Of course, though it may be hard to believe when you look at that reeking-of-awesomeness list of games, something’s still missing.  But hey, when isn’t it?  Things are going about as well right now as I could ask for in this Limbo between eras of life.  I mean, how much could I really expect to happen right now?

Also, I’m reading Jennifer Government now; it’s shaping up to be among my favorites.

P.S. Don’t worry, I’m not that much of a nerd.  I’ve been doing other things too.  Like… eating.  Talking.  I played Woodchips in the park with Mike’s group of friends.  See, I’ve even been outside.  um…did I say eating already?

EDIT: It’s actually NBA Street of course, that’s the only one that would do anything that crazy, plus now that I think of it all the games took place on the concrete… you guys should have called me on that.


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  1. too bad you didn’t play like, sonic the hedgehog.

  2. your bongos are here YOUR BONGOS ARE HERE I would drop them off but I’m out of town.

  3. Jesus Wobbles, are you sure you’re not blind? You need to get out Summer between the end of Senior year and college is weird, huh? I think it would be better if we got to hang out 😎

  4. Hmm I see how it is Chris, i leave for two weeks and you go off and party yourself to death, AND loose all motivation to do any work at all… You sure are luck I am coming back or else you would probalby go off and become a video game bum… or a surf bum, or a hippie or something.Your task is to do all the video gameing you intend top do for the rest of your life before I get back, because my motivational force will likely be something like twice as strong when I get back, meaning you will probably never stop working again. Be prepared to take every class and earn every degree that Berkeley offers, due to an extreme case of overmotivation. :PAlso to do: get Guantlet: Dark Legacyalso…OMG A CLIP OF SOME FORM OF REMIX OF BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY JUST PLAYED ON THE RADIO IN THIS INTERNET CAFE UBER AWESOMENESS!!!

  5. We demand more posts!! >:-O

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