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July 5, 2006

Drum roll, please…






















You’re not doing the drum roll.  You think I’m messin’ around here?  Do the drum roll.






















Okay, it really doesn’t take that much effort, people!  Just slap your thighs repeatedly!  We’re not moving on until you get this right!






















That’s more like it.  Have you guessed what it is yet?







































All right, I promise this is the last one.

















































That’s right, pulled the ol’ triple 5 again.  Which brings my career total to six 5’s, and nothing below!  BAM!  Utterly undefeated.  How many of your students have done that, Stanford?

EDIT: Oh yeah, how could I forget?  Ahem:

Flawless Victory.


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Nice.I’ll admit it, I never did the drum roll.

  2. “finish him…”


  4. Psh, I did the drumroll. But it wasn’t really worth it, it’s not like I got a bunch of 5s or something…And what the FUCK Wobbles!!! Would you be in town for like a week at one time at some point?

  5. that’s exciting, if a little expected by now. is it fun to be that perfect?I’m more pleased by my cold no-prep no-learning 4 on BC. the curve must be pretty lax on that test πŸ™‚

  6. “PERFECT”

    I hate you for it, by the way. You have officially been promoted from madman to academic hoodlum.
    You hoodlum.

  7. Yeah, I guess the tests I took are all among the easier ones really, not like I took chem or anything like that.
    Whatever, only the numbers mean anything.  They wouldn’t give them to you if that weren’t the whole point of taking the test, right?

  8. newbie > newb > noob > nub > nubcake > chris :PYou page is too long now…Has matriculado para tus clases ? [subtites for spanish inpaired: have you registered for your clases?]At least preliminarily?


  10. haha I sense I bit of bitterness…oh, and gj

  11. Anonymous permalink

    Congratulations πŸ™‚

  12. haha, alkl 5’s. why am i not surprised…
    lol go to school with wilson at berkeley? haha i think one of the main reasons he chosethat school was to get away from me since he knows i want ucla. but yeah one of the pluses about cal is how close it is to sf. just ride the bart and its just a few min away.
    naw running in dt isnt really that crowded. if you go like 8-10ish in the morning at least. cuz i think most ppl go to work earlier than that.

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