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August 28, 2006

So, I’ve now spent my first week at Berkeley.  It was everything I expected and nothing I expected.  That is to say, I’m enjoying myself a lot here.  I’ve got all my friends within walking distance, I’ve met way more people than I can remember names, and did I mention all the swag we got during welcome week activities?  Swag… you gotta love that word.

I think the defining moment last week was when I was returning back to Clark Kerr (my dorm) from Unit 3 where Andy and my new friend Andrea live after a night of playing Mafia and various card games with Andy’s floormates.  It was about 1 in the morning, and I was wondering before I left if I should get a police escort–Berkeley has its share of seedy characters, and I was still carrying a Benjamin from my aunt and uncle for graduation that I’d forgotten to deposit before I left home.  But actually, the streets were still full of life even at 1 in the morning.  You couldn’t walk anywhere without being well within sight of at least a few other people, and there were parties going on in front of some of the frat houses.  So I just started walking back, and right when I’m getting close to Clark Kerr, I see Wilson and Kevin walking toward me.  Kevin came up and gave me a huge hug, and Wilson was going to as well, but Kevin wanted to hog me all to himself, so he wouldn’t let him.  Sigh… so many adoring fans, what to do, what to do.  So anyway, that was the moment.  Walking around the streets at 1:00 in the morning and by chance meeting up with some people I know.  I just think that’s the coolest thing ever.  And they’re not the only ones–in fact, I’ve seen almost everyone from Folsom already, mostly by just walking around.

I get along very well with my roommate, Nehal, as we seem to be on the same page for a lot of the important stuff, like listening to music without headphones while studying (we don’t), etc.  He’s a pre-med student, so already I knew there wasn’t much to worry about.  I brought the microwave, he brought the fridge, and we haven’t run into any issues with whose stuff is whose.

I’m going to try and join the triathlon team and possibly a couple of other clubs if I have the time.  Also, classes started today, and I have to say, I rather like the lecture hall format.  No one expects you to say anything, and all you have to do is take notes.  Very nice.  Oh yeah, my classes are Physics for Future Presidents, Psych 1, Math 1B, and Asian American Studies.  All have good reputations, although Math 1B is supposed to be notoriously hard with a very high dropout rate, but I’m sure that won’t be any problem with two years of math with Chayo.

Main problem right now is that someone blew the power on my floor by using too many appliances at once, I guess, and I’ve been walking around all day with an uncharged phone and no access to the Internet at my dorm.  I’ve been having to use the computers in the library, which isn’t too bad except for the fact that it’s so far from the dorms.

So, we’ll see how the rest of the week goes as I get an actual feel for college classes.  Enjoy the rest of your summers, you silly late starters.


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  1. How’s the food? Great to see you’re enjoying college life to the max. I’m already tired of hs.

  2. aww poor wilson. =[ im sure he was very disappointed.

  3. the unlimited freedom has to be the best part

  4. How free you are! Come to think of it, summer is starting to choke the life out of me.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    I passed out of 1B, but from what I’ve seen it doesn’t look like anything you can’t get through. It’s basically just all the miscellaneous stuff calculus covers, like series convergence and a little bit of differential equations. Now if you have to take 54, that’s another issue. I was actually lucky to get an A- in 54. It’s not like calculus at all, it’s just really abstract and pretty much pointless (when would you ever need to find the plane created by using two 5-dimensional vectors as axes?).

  6. Anonymous permalink

    Oye! You call me almost everyday (when I’m at work I might add) so I never get your calls! AND you don’t leave your number!!!! I don’t get the missed call thing cuz my phone is usually off!! Give me your number so we can hang out! NOW!Kavita 🙂

  7. Slick. Well, I had a grad card for you, but forgot to give it to you at the party, and then you were gone. Newspaper will be much better this year w/ MB and I, but much worse without you. Cav isn’t as evil as you all said, though.

  8. Oh, yeah, I actually think Ms. Cavanaugh’s pretty cool. It’s just that I really love that Mushroom Boy shirt. I refuse to accept any responsibility for what I say when you deny my right to wear my Mushroom Boy shirt.

  9. She’s definitely no Hillesland or anything. hahaha…

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