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September 28, 2006

What if life WAS a fairy tale? I see it happening two ways:

1. Your life becomes like your own neurological DVD player. You can pop in the one-to-two-hour-long situation that appeals to you most, and live through it. And when you’re tired of that–assuming, naturally, that you will get tired of it–you just eject it, pop in another one. None of the same characters, and an all-new challenge to overcome, so nothing gets stale. No need to build further connections with any of the previous characters. You’ve moved on and are ready for the next adventure.

2. You pick the one-to-two hour long situation, pop it in, and live through it. And then you have the rest of your life to find out what happens after that two-hour span. So just what DO Prince Charming and his newly rescued princess do in that period of decades called “happily ever after”? Probably just hang around in the castle, and… I don’t know. Have a lot of parties there or something. I guess that might be exciting.

The problem with fairy tales isn’t that they can’t come true. The problem is that if they did come true, you’d just look for better fairy tales and abandon the ones you had. Fairy tales are, by nature, fleeting. So the perfection that people see in them is just an illusion. Perfection is not fleeting. Perfection is something that never gets tiresome, something that is still perfect the next day, and the next, because no matter how many times you subtract from infinity–that’s right–you still have infinity.

And the best thing about real perfection is, it’s not a fairy tale that has no hope of coming true. Most people can’t even begin to conceptualize real perfection, and if they can, then it’s not something they can convey to the rest of the world in a one-or-two-hour-long span. And since perfection has never been proposed, it has likewise never been disproven. Perfection COULD happen, and it’s impossible for anyone to show you otherwise.

So when I say I search for perfection, pity me not for pursuing that which cannot be achieved. For it is not the false fairy tale perfection that I pursue, but my own perfection, specific to my own deepest desires, that cannot be conveyed. Perfection IS out there, and I will find it.


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  1. wait, I don’t get it… why isn’t infinity minus 1000 not infinity minus a thousand??
    but ya, i never thought about the fairy tale thing that way… that’s hella depressing.  like, omggg isn’t that everyone’s worst nightmare… finding perfection and then getting BORED WITH IT?!?!  ahhh!  there goes my project runway high. 
    oh… I guess it’s like this thing Johnny Depp said once when I was watching Inside The Actor’s Studio about how he, as an artist, will continue to make good work as long as he is never satisfied.  Which made me feel a lot better about, like, everything.  I mean, even frustration and confusion about anything beats boredom.

  2. all is not right in chris’ world
    or all is perfect and he suffers from a case of small balls

  3. Anonymous permalink

    nightmares come true =)

  4. Anonymous permalink

    oh yeah, we need to hang out.

  5. Anonymous permalink

    im going back to folsom on the train on friday, care to join?

  6. wouldn’t your own perfection be ‘in here’ rather than ‘out there’?

  7. …touche. (just pretend the accent’s there.)Although, I’d say it’s actually both, unless your own perfection allows for complete lack of interaction with outside stimuli.

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