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October 16, 2006

Okay, I’m pissed.

No, this isn’t yet another essay/rant on this or that. Actually, those things don’t piss me off much at all. I kind of wish they did, because they’re more worth getting pissed off over than the things that actually do piss me off. But they’re too abstract; they don’t always directly affect my life at the moment. Things that piss me off must be in the here and now.

I’m talking about my math midterm that I aced but got an 81 out of 100 for not explaining myself well enough in a couple of the problems. Everything I did on the whole test was completely flawless, and I earned a B- (well, a B after the curve) purely on technicalities. That’s why I’m pissed. Because all of a sudden, I’m not cruising through all my midterms anymore.

And it goes deeper than that, too. Do you realize what that can do to a person, to give him a poor grade on something he knows backwards and forwards? It tells him that there’s no correlation between knowledge and results, that studying is futile, concepts mean nothing and following procedure means everything, and finding the actual answer has nothing to do with the goal at hand. Tests descend into chaos, where you’re throwing darts at the board blindfolded and nothing you can do will improve your accuracy.

I’ll have more to add to this, but right now, I have to get to Men’s Chorale practice. And don’t worry, I’ll live through this. Besides this setback, things have rarely been better than they are right now. Here’s hoping it’s the same for everyone else.


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  1. thank goodness for your last few i feel this. it’s like my 720 on math… i could have had a 2390, but apparently i don’t know algebra. calc II is okay, but algebra is just above me. not that those numbers mean fuck-all when applying to public schools.

  2. You know, considering You practically ace everything else, w t h are you complaining about.  -_-

  3. I would be pissed too. That’s what’s supposed to be good about math – it isn’t based on technicalities. You either have the answer or you don’t. Boo to your math teacher.

  4. Yes!  That is exactly what I was going to add to this.  They’re taking away from me everything I loved about math.  Those monsters.

  5. But in all seriousness, if I continue to pursue math, which I really was thinking about doing, I have this sinking feeling that it’s just going to get more like this… Everything I got deducted for was on the sequence and series stuff–the new stuff.  And when I look at the guys on my floor doing linear algebra and other advanced math, it looks like 90% of it is proofs and understanding concepts and crap, without any actual problems to work out.  The days of simple calculation are rapidly coming to a close.

  6. Heads up man – you’re just being refined for upper middle-management. Don’t forget and trick yourself into thinking you’re getting something special…Proof positive.

  7. Hm? You mean with the having to adhere unwaveringly to procedure? I don’t even want to think about that connection, okay? I just want math to be cool again.

  8. Procedure… ew.Well, I haven’t much to say on that beyond the fact that in all practicality of mathematics, how you derived your answer is far less concerning than the answer derived. If the math is about procedure… well… I’ll like that course a little less than Chayo’s calculus. Bah. Test scores usually don’t correlate knowledge. Most tests (even standardized) have some variation of subjectivity involved in creation or scoring, thus the score earned is typically a relfection of compatible thought between test maker and test taker. In this case, you were just slightly less in tune with your professor. C’est la vie.~Hobbit~

  9. u hacker u … grrr!

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