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November 21, 2006

My schedule for the week: Tomorrow I’m going to San Jose around 2:00 by taking the BART to the Fremont station and getting picked up there by my aunt, where I’ll go to my aunt and uncle’s house and spend the night there. The following morning my parents will arrive there, and we’ll all help with the cooking and have Thanksgiving dinner. Sometime Friday I’m going to go home to Folsom, as I expect a number of people who read this will be doing as well. So give me a call, yeah?

Just got through my second wave of midterms last week, and it should be more or less smooth sailing from here. I got my math one back yesterday in my section, and I got a 90, which with the more generous curve this time around (it better be, considering that they started late and we only had 40 minutes to produce 20 percent of our grades) worked out to an A, no minus. It was a fair grade this time. I lost most of my points on the part where I had to explain something–no surprise–but I guess I didn’t really have the concept as clear as I could have. I could have had an A+ if I’d gotten just two more points though… but not complaining of course. Physics for Future Presidents still hasn’t been graded, but I found out for sure I got 18 out of 20 on the multiple choice, and from how he explained the essay grading in class today, I should get a similar score for that too. And this test is supposed to be harder than the last one too, so the curve should boost me up to a very comfortable level. Psych didn’t go too well–42 out of 50 after the bad items were taken out as opposed to 48 last time–but combine the two scores and I still have an A.

So the only class I’m too worried about is Asian American Studies, which I’ve come to really dislike and wonder why I decided to take it in the first place. Sure, we have to fulfill a historical studies breadth at some point, but I could have taken a discovery course or something that would have been fairly interesting… I really don’t feel like I’ve learned much of anything. The textbook is simply a hodgepodge of documents through the ages that are supposed to give us the most diverse possible viewpoints of AA history, and I suppose they do, but urgh, I need a few concrete facts or something. I have no idea what to study. The lectures are rambling and unfocused and center around the different “lenses” through which we can view AA history, and really general concepts like agency and racial formation theory that we’re supposed to connect all of our readings to… but I’ve built up a pretty solid foundation in this class too, and the final in-class essay is going to be open book and open note. So all I really have to do is know the book, which isn’t particularly long, well enough to pull some good examples, throw in a couple of general concepts and BS my way home. No problem really. I guess what it really boils down to is that I much prefer learning about individuals to groups. We recently watched a video in lecture about the story of Maya Lin, the young architect who designed the Vietnam War Memorial, and that was one of the most riveting things I’ve listened to in that class all year, and it’s because it wasn’t about trends and groups and generalizations (which, incidentally, you’d think a class studying minorities ought to be avoiding…). It was just one person, the way they did it in The Worldly Philosophers or A People’s History of the Supreme Court or The American Political Tradition. Yes, those were probably my three favorite history books from high school (if WP counts as history).

So that’s how school is going, because I know that’s the one part of my life you were all just dying to hear. I have to get to my psych discussion now.


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  1. I didnt have to go to my pysch discussion ^_^

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