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December 5, 2006

Ha, did you see how that last one worked out? Stopped dead before I even finished a paragraph. That’s because Andy called me and told me to get on MSN, only he called it Windows Live Messenger, and I didn’t know what that was, so I spent like fifteen minutes trying to get it before realizing I already had it. And then I started talking to him and Andrea online for a long time, and then Christie came over to pick up her glasses which she left last night, but of course I couldn’t let her just come and go like that, so then I started trying to talk with her and keep up the conversation with Andy and Andrea, but it was hard, and Andrea had to keep nudging me, and then I played this weird multiplayer minesweeper in which the goal was to hit the bombs against Andy over MSN. After that the conversation died, and I started watching V for Vendetta, which Nehal had started playing on his computer, with Christie. I had originally intended to watch just part of a movie, but we wound up watching practically the whole thing, and I went to bed shortly after 1:00 even though I had my 8:00 class today.

It’s just so strange how different this is. This is why I wished I’d kept up a consistent journal in high school, so I could see how not just the important experiences compared, but these little everyday ones. Because it’s the everyday ones that make up most of your life. But then of course, you can’t go back and scrutinize every little experience. Still, I remember enough to know that I never stayed up that late on a weekday in high school just to talk to people. I’m pretty sure I’ve stayed up until at least 1:00 for the last five consecutive nights. Then again, I never had a girlfriend in high school either. It’s also kind of weird how natural that feels. I was talking to Damon about how there haven’t been any majorly awkward situations with us (save a kiss or two on the lips when she was going for the cheek, and vice versa) as a result of my having no experience. Maybe it’s because she does–as she mentioned a few nights ago, she started going out with guys in middle school. I wonder exactly what percentage of her teenage life she was actually in a relationship. It’s just hard to believe that you could be dating your entire four years of high school and never have a good relationship. She keeps saying how she has bad judgment and stuff. I


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