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December 12, 2006

Wow, that was the weirdest final exam I’ve ever checked over in my life. In my psychology class, the answers for the questions to the final are released almost immediately after the exam ends, so you can see what you got long before your grade is actually entered. So I start to look over the answers, and after the first 20 questions, I’m nine down. What the hell?! Oh my god, I’m going to fail my final! Except then I missed two out of the last 80 questions, so I have a high B, which will inevitably become at least a low A after the “bad items” are accounted for. Whew. But seriously, when does that ever happen?

So one down, three to go on my way to continuing my straight A streak. Sweet.


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  1. Have you ever wondered how much stress you might save if you just aimed for a B in the outset? I’ve pondered that for the longest time, but just couldn’t get myself to actually actively try.

  2. Yeah, I know! And I bet my grades wouldn’t even drop significantly either. There are a lot of A’s I could get with a B effort if I were just brave enough to do it.Fortunately, my stress has been relatively low this semester (except for freak instances like this one here and there), and I have made time for a social life, so I’d say I’m not doing too bad.

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