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March 29, 2007

Haven’t written in a while (again), and I decided I would at least try to write something during spring break.  It’s already more than half over–Thursday afternoon–and I really haven’t done anything very productive.  I got to go see the musical on Friday and went to Marine World (a.k.a. Six Flags a.k.a. Discovery Kingdom) on Saturday, so both of those were pretty cool.  And yesterday, I visited some classes with Wilson (this time, no one got caught by anyone from the administration, so that was good).  Going to newspaper class was a lot of fun, especially with Steven there; too bad Ms. Cavanaugh wasn’t there.  And then Mike Bolen had to go and quit.  What a prima donna.  I worry about that man sometimes; his idealism is extremely unhealthy.  And people started talking about him and his relationship with his girlfriend, and how it seems pretty unhealthy as well…

I also went to the track meet against Jesuit and St. Francis that afternoon, which was a lot of fun.  I got to see Casey and Danielle and Sean and a bunch of others that I knew.  Brendan was volunteering there too, I guess for Mr. Carroll’s class or something.  So I guess I’ve gotten to see a bunch of people, but there are still three days unaccounted for–and I must admit I spent most of them either at home studying and talking to Bob (or rather, having Bob talk to me) and going to Damon’s house to hang out with him, Roby (who has since gone home) and Bob and play video games for ungodly amounts of time.  Well, it’s not like I really ever play video games that much anymore in college, and it’s true that Damon is pretty much my best friend and yet I never get to see him anymore.  But at the same time, I’ve been calling other people, and it seems no one else is available.  Mike McClean has class at William Jessup so he’s been busy, Greg is still at Chico, David is back at Davis and Mindy seems to be pretty busy too, so she isn’t even sure if she’ll be able to hang out when David comes back tomorrow, Jackie is sick and doesn’t want me to catch anything, and I forgot my yearbook so I didn’t get around to calling Maddy, and I just wound up leaving her a Facebook message today.  And Jason, who I really want to see more than anybody, still hasn’t gotten back to me, and I’m not sure if he will.  He doesn’t have a Facebook, so I can’t contact him that way.  So basically nobody except Damon has really been able to hang out all week (even Wilson, who I have the opportunity to see at Berkeley, bailed on me for the track meet), which makes me feel quite friendless, even though I know that just the fact that I was able to call that many people means I’m not.  What I really should be doing is working on my sight singing ability, but I’m still not sure how to go about it, and I’m not sure what kind of progress I could make in just a few days.  I still say it sucks that the a cappella groups require good sight singing–you don’t really need it, in my opinion.  I can play my part on the piano just as easily as I can sight sing it, and you learn so many songs in that group that you have to learn most of them on your own anyway, so it doesn’t matter whether you sight sing it or hear it on the piano.  As long as I learn it, right?  And I’m definitely willing to put in the time to learn all the songs really well.

Oh yeah, I’m auditioning for DeCadence once I get back to Berkeley; forgot to mention that before.  I’m also still not certain about my solo.  Bob is making me doubt my ability to be a tenor, as I have to contort my voice in a way that sounds nasally and straining to hit the high notes for long periods of time.  I’ve been thinking about You and I Both, and I still think that might be the one–both Marcus and Bill from Men’s Chorale said I sound really good doing Jason Mraz, and even back in my high school days I sometimes used to sing some Remedy during track practice.  We’ll see.  Right now I’m going to go hang out with Damon yet again at the gym. 


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