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May 10, 2007

And there they are, for the last six months.  With full disorganization, tangents, abrupt endings, and everything else.

To those who will say that it is simply not my business to say some of these things in public, that there are others besides me involved here: I don’t care.  No one goes on Xanga anyway, right?

To those who wonder why I would do it in the first place: I don’t know.  I honestly don’t.  But there they are anyway.

I would prefer that most of you don’t read them all, or even any of them.  But by doing this, I am making the statement that I do not care what I prefer.  And in fact, I highly recommend you read them, soon.  There’s nothing guaranteeing I won’t regret this tomorrow.

Have a blast.  I need to study for finals now.


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  1. hey im on xanga! lol

  2. I love living vicariously through others.  That was fun.

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