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May 10, 2007

Tomorrow’s my Thinking About Not Thinking Final.  I still haven’t done some of the readings we’re supposed to know for passage identification.  Whatever.  I inexplicably got 10s on my last three essays of the semester (I honestly think April just got lazy at the end there), so I’m in better standing in that class than I’ve been in any class so far in college.  And the final’s worth a measly 20%.  Give me a break.


Let’s forget for a second that she’s basically the hottest girl I’ve seen at Berkeley or pretty much anywhere, with only the slightest of exaggeration.  But when she sits through an entire 80 minute bio lecture and the one piece of notes she takes is when the professor is discussing brain structures that predispose us to understanding mathematical concepts and has a bunch of complicated formulas projected onto the screen, and she writes down the Prime Number Theorem with “That’s cool” and a smiley face next to it on a folded up piece of scratch paper that she dug out of her backpack–well, does it get much more awesome than that?


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  1. That’s cool :)I’ll be seeing you around next year 😛

  2. hahaha
    hit that, mister seymour

  3. Go for it. You deserve it, and it sounds like you are perfect for each other. Go for it.


  4. … hmm, just don’t let it mess you up, romance has a tendency to mess with people around finals.

  5. yeah, no, i’m definitely not doing anything yet. I might just wait till next year, since it’s already so late anyway.

  6. ooo, Hot girl?  I must know more ^_^

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