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May 25, 2007

“Hey, CSI is on tonight.”

“All right!  Well, there we go–now we have a plan for the night.  Watch CSI.”  He looked at me with the very subtle grin on his face he gets when he finds something genuinely amusing.  “We’re a really exciting couple.”

It was about at that moment that I decided they were exciting, extraordinarily exciting, in a way that only a few couples I’ve ever seen in all my years of school have been.  They are exciting because they are the kind of couple that restores your hope, and it’s impossible not to be excited where hope exists.

To me, there’s something inexplicably beautiful about a couple that can do practically nothing at all for hours on end and still be content, because they’re not just doing nothing.  They’re doing nothing together.

And they were content.  You could tell.  They were affectionate, but not to the point of exaggeration like a certain couple I knew this year.  Nothing was forced.  Everything just flowed.  And it actually seemed like they could be completely happy spending the rest of their lives with each other.

It was the perfect way to finish my year at Berkeley, because I admit I’ve been jaded lately.  But now, when fall comes back around, I’ll be ready to step back into the fire.  Here’s hoping we can all find a relationship in college that is more than a college relationship.


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  1. Psh..Smash Bros. would’ve been a perfect way to end the night

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